small ways to seasonally dress

small ways to seasonally dress

At this time in the summer season I feel either one of two ways about my current closet edit. Either I’m counting down the amount of times I’m going to wear an item before throwing it out (cough cough my espadrilles have seen better days), or I’m counting the diverse ways I can wear a piece (p.s my white crew-neck tee shirt wins hands down).

August can be an oddly preemptive month. I’m feeling a little nostalgic about certain pieces, crafting occasions to wear things one last time before I tuck them away for the season. But I’m also starting to cast a longing eye to September–and all the fresh, and rich outfit opportunities it brings.

So maybe you’re sentimental about summer. Or maybe you’re ready to start foreshadowing fall. I have some ideas. And, bonus! They’re both very affordable, because, games aside, you probably just want to spend your cash on all the ice cream cones before Labor Day.

“I’m ready for apple farms, and pumpkins, and cashmere sweaters.” Fair.

How about a slight homage to the back-to-school standard ankle socks? A weird thing happened to me this year, where I must have seen someone wearing a pair of glitter anklets and then I couldn’t get them out of my HEAD. Like a 12 pack of pencils and a new notebook, these will only set you back at around $5 a pair. Adorable with a short skirt and bare legs, and how cool are the fishnets (newsflash, back and big for fall), with a raw hem jean?

Shop it: Navy rick rack trim, silvery black, fishnet ankle

“I could still go for another beach day, but my neck is sweaty … ” Yep, same.

Ladies, this idea is free. If you’re like me and have thick or long hair you know about the hair blanket effect. Below see my current vision board of simple, chic perfection. Pick up a pack of clear or black hair elastics and go to town with the multi-sectioned low-pony. It’s different, and easy, and it lasts all day. Or if you’re running out the door, go with a low pony with a single braided tail. You can successfully show off your bronzed shoulders, or statement earrings.

I’m sure you all have some end of season tricks and tips you’re hoarding on it … come on! Share the love. Let me know how you’re dressing at this point in the season. And as always, thanks for reading along on Steeped.



Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase

Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase


Sometimes purchasing and trying out delicates can make you feel just the opposite. Underwire! Weirdly unreachable center clasps! Strange 6-way strap possibilities but not even one works!

With undergarments, let’s get real. We want to feel comfortable and free, but not like we’re wrapping up chicken cutlets in saran wrap.

Now is probably a good time for my 3 male readers (I know you’re out there) to move on to another post. Ladies, keep reading because I’ve found something that has replace my regular undergarments at least 4 times a week.

Enter, the aptly named, Nippies. You can get them on Amazon for $25 flat. These have changed the way I dress this summer. No longer am I concerned about wearing a strapless bra that will show through the armholes (sideboob region, hi). I can wear triangle tops without excessive amounts of cleavage. Backless, or string ties, can now be breezy and look as they were intended to! Nippies cover the majority of you, but don’t provide any undercarriage support if you catch my drift, so things will be hanging pretty naturally.

They have never fallen off of me (or been sweated off #NYCLIFE), unlike several other stick-on bra options I’ve tried in the past. Plus, they’re washable so you can wear them again and again. Bonus: you can wear them with your gym clothes if they’re not padded and you want things to stay chill, you know.

I could go on. This is the perfect blend of no-bra freedom, with a little coverage if you’re a closet nipple conservative like me. Shop away!



Now Trending: Hoop Earrings

Now Trending: Hoop Earrings

medium hoop

Temps are rising and so is this chic micro trend; hoops are definitely back, and we have our 90’s supermodel goddesses to thank. I did some digging into the depths of my jewelry box and found 5 different pairs of hoops that I’ve had since grade school. Seriously. You definitely have a few if you look hard enough. #IWasntAGirl Scout’s honor.

With a little more body than the reigning delicate earrings of the past few seasons, hoops look a bit more intentional and commanding. Paired with loosely pulled back hair, and a monochromatic outfit I think we all can echo back to style decades past. Hoops also play nice with other minimal accessories like silk ribbon in hair (!!!) or wispy braided looks. I’ve been partial to smaller, and medium styles, but if you feel like living’ large like Ms. Jenner above go all out.

If you’re not convinced, check out some of my picks: Flattened Medium Hoop, Medium Classic Hoop, Small Curved Hoop, Hammered Medium Hoop




Look gma! No clips! (earring diy)

Look gma! No clips! (earring diy)

earrings 3

It’s hard to say “no” to either one of my grandmas (they’re just so cute and sweet and adorable), so somehow over the years of visits, I’ve amassed a large collection of their cast off-earrings.

Lots of bold, vintage, clips-on earlobe pairs. I love them and their history. The problem is that after a few hours of wearing them, my ears start to throb, get red, and I can virtually think of nothing else besides getting home and throwing them back into my jewelry box.

I was at a thrift store a while back and met a lovely pair of gold, floral, 3D clips, that I couldn’t part from. I got to talking with a sales girl who was virtually the same person as me (highwaisted Mom jeans: check, Lucite Warby Parker glasses: check, millennial aura: obviously) and she blew me away with this easy tip that I can’t even believe I didn’t think of before.

You can turn clip-on earrings to regular post earrings. You simply need to remove the back clip, and glue on a post. Set aside 20 minutes and gather your supplies.

earring project 3

You’ll need: clip-on earrings, pliers, extra strength glue (I used gorilla glue),  and earring posts (I used this set from Amazon)

First, you remove the back stud of the earring. Some of the earrings I had were a little more delicate in nature, but all of them came of clean with a few wiggles.

Next you glue on the back post of the earring. It will take a few hours for the backs to dry completely, so make sure you have them propped up on a level surface. A few of my backs slid a little off their original mark, but everything dried fine!

Earring project 1

That’s it! Wear your earrings in good health and make sure you tell your Grandma cause I’m sure she’ll be proud of you, like always.

Year-round glow

Year-round glow

It’s winter which could mean two things for your skin: either you’re still trying to keep up with your spring/summer routine, and noticing a landslide of facial issues, or you’ve come to terms that you need to modify your routine with the change of each season.

Readers, lets get real. No matter how “good” your skin is, you need to recognize that as the largest organ of our humble human shells, we need to continually pay the love back to ourselves. As the proud owner of sensitive, combination skin, I’m focused on balancing between giving myself plenty of moisture, while also preventing the risk of breakouts from overly dried skin buildup. Additionally, I’m also becoming more attuned to any anti-aging steps I should be taking now (Retinol is the best thing ever! But that’s a different blog post!). Here are two glycolic acid products that have been super helpful to keeping my fresh, and prepped for the heavy duty moisturizing that is key in hibernation-worthy months.

 Loreal Revitalift Brightening Peel Pads. These pads have been receiving quite a bit of buzz on the beauty blog circuit. Coming in at a bargain under $20, these nightly peel pads will both physically remove dirt and dull skin, while also preventing against wrinkles and age spots, and chemically brighten the skin with 10% glycolic acid. I’ve been using these most nights and then following up with a oil, or night cream. Skin feels fresh and more receptive to any following product.

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal MaskIf you’re looking for a more occasional product to add, the Ren Glycol Lactic Renewal Mask can be used up to 3x a week–note: I saw a difference after just one use. This mask is a combination of 4 natural acids that gently resurface the skin, remove any dead skin, and fade age/acne scars. After applying mask for 10 minutes, my face felt similar to dreamy post-facial smoothness and clarity (without the extractions). Again, I would follow up with any anti-aging or botanical oils afterwards, as the skin is primed and more receptive to absorbing product. This one comes in around $50, but it’s an integral part of my routine that I will definitely repurchase.

I’d love to hear any feedback on the above products, or any other skin care topics you’d want to read about. I’m a skincare nerd so this stuff makes me so happy. Thank you for reading!

Tie me up

Tie me up









You asked for some inspo, and now you’ve got it. I blogged here about how bandanas are an easy and affordable wardrobe update, but wanted to paint the picture a little more fully with this post. Even I got some fresh ideas while searching for these images; what fun we can have with fashion, am I right?

There’s really no wrong way to style one of these bad boys. With multiple ways to tie bandanas around your neck (or I’m also partial to the bun tie, or bag adornment), do you feel the growing need to adopt the knot?

Here are some options ripe for the picking: Urban Outfitters (they have an awesome selection here), Banana Republic,  Zara.

I’d love to hear how you style yourself. Comment below with any additional knot techniques or tag your pictures with the hashtag #steepedinstyle. Let’s get social!

Fall Embrace

Fall Embrace






[Outfit details: Mini Skirt: J.Crew; Loafer: Everlane; Shirt: LOFT (no longer available); Poncho: Asos (old)]

Feeling very full-on fall these days. Despite the bipolar weather dips, I’m finding a way to transition into my fall look. For me, that means using more brown, burgundy, and navy, even though I’m a navy enthusiast pretty much year round.

Not pictured: a perfect navy silk Calvin Klein scarf I’ve been sitting on for years. I added that, and changed out the poncho with a military style jacket, later on in the day.

Is anyone else out there falling hard for the neckerchief look? I’ve always been a collector of silk scarves for head wraps, but now it seems like the final touch for many outfits is a scarf tied around the neck. I purchased these bandanas from Levis which add a little western flair. For under $10, this is the easiest wardrobe update!

How are you all embracing fall? We didn’t even get to talk about my new loafers … be forewarned, they will be gracing this site again.

Summer called

Summer called

… and oh boy did I answer. The past three months have been filled with lots of weekend getaways, time with new friends and old, and so many pink colored drinks (rose, and the newly found, affectionately loved, watermelon juice).

I hope this summer has been quite something for you too. Maybe you’ve gone to dinner with salt water still dried in your hair. Or finally let yourself relax, and spend a whole afternoon on the back porch. Whatever you did, I hope it was something special, and made you feel like you could finally, just breath.

One evening on a recent beach vacation we found ourselves on a bay inlet for dinner and a sunset. The sunset was really the main event. It only felt appropriate to take my shoes off, and wear my most quintessential summer things.

grace 2

grace 1

[Dress:  Banana Republic (old); Earrings: J.Crew; Makeup: Luminizer: Benefit]

Now on to live the last few weeks of summer, and bottle up that feeling.

Easy eye-opening trick

Easy eye-opening trick

twiggy eye

Nothing jolts you from a blog writing slumber quite like a beauty tip that needs to be shared. Today we’re talking about eyelashes, eye lash curlers and how to use these peepers and ill-regarded torture devices in our favor.

I’m an avid, daily lash curler, so I thought I really had my eye game on. Not so the case. I recently learned a new trick that I had not been privy to, and obviously now I need to share with all of you!

It’s simple. Lets call it the 3 by 3 rule. Basically 3 pumps in 3 different places.

Lets begin. As usual start with your eyelash curler as close as possible to the base of your lashes, without crimping your eyelid. Pump 3 times. Move the curler up slightly to the middle of the lashes. Repeat with 3 pumps here. Again, move the curler to the tip of your lashes and pump 3 times.

Behold glorious lashes, with, or without mascara.

I will say, this does get easier with practice, and without removing the curler from the lash area in between pumps. Just commit to it; you’ll be a eyelash curler goddess in no time (for your novice nellies out there).

If you’re not loving your current makeup bag rotation, I use this lash curler, and mascara.



Trick for your tresses

Trick for your tresses


{Got a secret, can I keep it … }

Blame it on the winter. Bleach. Dry air. Empty jar of leave-in conditioner. For whatever reason, your hair is getting dull, and a little lackluster. I feel you.

After coloring my hair a few months ago, I’ve noticed that my tendrils need a little more TLC than usual. Thankfully, we can use a handy kitchen item to do the trick: baking soda.

I’ve been doing this treatment 2x a week and have noticed my hair seems more lively, soft, and the roots just feel cleaner. This is coming from a girl who LOVES her dry dry shampoo routine. Product buildup be gone!

The steps:

  1. Pour shampoo into palm as usual. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of baking soda on top and mix the elements root to mid-shaft.
  2. Rub! Massage it in, like you’re at the hair salon.
  3. Condition as normal, mid-shaft to tip.

There are a lot of other homeopathic treatments with baking soda, have any of you tested them out? I’d love to hear.