Look gma! No clips! (earring diy)

Look gma! No clips! (earring diy)

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It’s hard to say “no” to either one of my grandmas (they’re just so cute and sweet and adorable), so somehow over the years of visits, I’ve amassed a large collection of their cast off-earrings.

Lots of bold, vintage, clips-on earlobe pairs. I love them and their history. The problem is that after a few hours of wearing them, my ears start to throb, get red, and I can virtually think of nothing else besides getting home and throwing them back into my jewelry box.

I was at a thrift store a while back and met a lovely pair of gold, floral, 3D clips, that I couldn’t part from. I got to talking with a sales girl who was virtually the same person as me (highwaisted Mom jeans: check, Lucite Warby Parker glasses: check, millennial aura: obviously) and she blew me away with this easy tip that I can’t even believe I didn’t think of before.

You can turn clip-on earrings to regular post earrings. You simply need to remove the back clip, and glue on a post. Set aside 20 minutes and gather your supplies.

earring project 3

You’ll need: clip-on earrings, pliers, extra strength glue (I used gorilla glue),  and earring posts (I used this set from Amazon)

First, you remove the back stud of the earring. Some of the earrings I had were a little more delicate in nature, but all of them came of clean with a few wiggles.

Next you glue on the back post of the earring. It will take a few hours for the backs to dry completely, so make sure you have them propped up on a level surface. A few of my backs slid a little off their original mark, but everything dried fine!

Earring project 1

That’s it! Wear your earrings in good health and make sure you tell your Grandma cause I’m sure she’ll be proud of you, like always.