Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase

Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase


Sometimes purchasing and trying out delicates can make you feel just the opposite. Underwire! Weirdly unreachable center clasps! Strange 6-way strap possibilities but not even one works!

With undergarments, let’s get real. We want to feel comfortable and free, but not like we’re wrapping up chicken cutlets in saran wrap.

Now is probably a good time for my 3 male readersĀ (I know you’re out there) to move on to another post. Ladies, keep reading because I’ve found something that has replace my regular undergarments at least 4 times a week.

Enter, the aptly named, Nippies. You can get them on Amazon for $25 flat. These have changed the way I dress this summer. No longer am I concerned about wearing a strapless bra that will show through the armholes (sideboob region, hi). I can wear triangle tops without excessive amounts of cleavage. Backless, or string ties, can now be breezy and look as they were intended to! Nippies cover the majority of you, but don’t provide any undercarriage support if you catch my drift, so things will be hanging pretty naturally.

They have never fallen off of me (or been sweated off #NYCLIFE), unlike several other stick-on bra options I’ve tried in the past. Plus, they’re washable so you can wear them again and again. Bonus: you can wear them with your gym clothes if they’re not padded and you want things to stay chill, you know.

I could go on. This is the perfect blend of no-bra freedom, with a little coverage if you’re a closet nipple conservative like me. Shop away!