Now Trending: Hoop Earrings

Now Trending: Hoop Earrings

medium hoop

Temps are rising and so is this chic micro trend; hoops are definitely back, and we have our 90’s supermodel goddesses to thank. I did some digging into the depths of my jewelry box and found 5 different pairs of hoops that I’ve had since grade school. Seriously. You definitely have a few if you look hard enough. #IWasntAGirl Scout’s honor.

With a little more body than the reigning delicate earrings of the past few seasons, hoops look a bit more intentional and commanding. Paired with loosely pulled back hair, and a monochromatic outfit I think we all can echo back to style decades past. Hoops also play nice with other minimal accessories like silk ribbon in hair (!!!) or wispy braided looks. I’ve been partial to smaller, and medium styles, but if you feel like living’ large like Ms. Jenner above go all out.

If you’re not convinced, check out some of my picks: Flattened Medium Hoop, Medium Classic Hoop, Small Curved Hoop, Hammered Medium Hoop





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