The Doc (Marten) is in

The Doc (Marten) is in


(Adorable high/low look here … getting Margot vibes from the Royal Tenenbaums)

If you’re close with me in real-life you’re probably like, “what? where is this whole homage to Doc Martens coming from? All this from our classic-loving, sometimes bohemian/trendy Grace?” Guys. The thing about style, and what looks you are drawn too often times defy boundaries, and rules.

As a principle, I hate rules, specifically “fashion” rules. It may be a product of living in downtown Manhattan for over three years now, but everyday I witness outfit combinations that make me stop, think, and smile.  Fashion doesn’t have to check boxes, or make sense. Sometimes an item is just fuel for the proverbial shopping fire, and this friends, is Doc Martens for me right now. No, I don’t have a pair. Yet.

So what’s the deal with Doc Martens?

They’ve been around forever. In fact, your aunt, or older sister, may have a pair in the back of her closet. These are tried and true boots, that have been around since the late 1950’s. Originally created for the military and factory workers to wear, these things are durable, and up for a long-term relationship with you and wherever you’re walking. Happy trails, are definitely, afoot.

They have history with social movements. Some garments get tied up with social movements and history, and become icons. Joining the ranks of the LBD (“little black dress”), Levi’s, and trench coats, are Doc Martens. In fact, the company prides itself on “rebellious self-expression” especially through music, and was linked with the punk, new-wave, youth in Great Britain from 1960’s up until today’s music festival  culture.

Today, they are worn by the self-expressive. How to wear a pair are really limitless–I’ve been toying with getting a pair to double as boots for snow, just as much as for dressing down a more traditional outfit. I’ve gathered some of the most inspired looks I could, and a few patterns emerged. Take note!

Untucked top + Long skirt + High boots



Grey sweater + Docs

grey sweater

grey sweater2

Overalls + Stripes + Docs (This combo is so casual and playful, it really kills me)


All-Black Look (hello, NYC, you’re already doing this from the head to ankle … just add the shoes!)


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.25.17 PM

I admit I’m late to the Marten party–so now it’s your turn. Tell me–are you already wearing a pair? How? As always thanks for following along with Steeped in Style, I love sharing my thoughts with you all. If you’re not, follow along on Instagram  @steepedinstyle, or through my Facebook page here.

Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase

Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase


Sometimes purchasing and trying out delicates can make you feel just the opposite. Underwire! Weirdly unreachable center clasps! Strange 6-way strap possibilities but not even one works!

With undergarments, let’s get real. We want to feel comfortable and free, but not like we’re wrapping up chicken cutlets in saran wrap.

Now is probably a good time for my 3 male readers (I know you’re out there) to move on to another post. Ladies, keep reading because I’ve found something that has replace my regular undergarments at least 4 times a week.

Enter, the aptly named, Nippies. You can get them on Amazon for $25 flat. These have changed the way I dress this summer. No longer am I concerned about wearing a strapless bra that will show through the armholes (sideboob region, hi). I can wear triangle tops without excessive amounts of cleavage. Backless, or string ties, can now be breezy and look as they were intended to! Nippies cover the majority of you, but don’t provide any undercarriage support if you catch my drift, so things will be hanging pretty naturally.

They have never fallen off of me (or been sweated off #NYCLIFE), unlike several other stick-on bra options I’ve tried in the past. Plus, they’re washable so you can wear them again and again. Bonus: you can wear them with your gym clothes if they’re not padded and you want things to stay chill, you know.

I could go on. This is the perfect blend of no-bra freedom, with a little coverage if you’re a closet nipple conservative like me. Shop away!



Tie me up

Tie me up









You asked for some inspo, and now you’ve got it. I blogged here about how bandanas are an easy and affordable wardrobe update, but wanted to paint the picture a little more fully with this post. Even I got some fresh ideas while searching for these images; what fun we can have with fashion, am I right?

There’s really no wrong way to style one of these bad boys. With multiple ways to tie bandanas around your neck (or I’m also partial to the bun tie, or bag adornment), do you feel the growing need to adopt the knot?

Here are some options ripe for the picking: Urban Outfitters (they have an awesome selection here), Banana Republic,  Zara.

I’d love to hear how you style yourself. Comment below with any additional knot techniques or tag your pictures with the hashtag #steepedinstyle. Let’s get social!

Fall Embrace

Fall Embrace






[Outfit details: Mini Skirt: J.Crew; Loafer: Everlane; Shirt: LOFT (no longer available); Poncho: Asos (old)]

Feeling very full-on fall these days. Despite the bipolar weather dips, I’m finding a way to transition into my fall look. For me, that means using more brown, burgundy, and navy, even though I’m a navy enthusiast pretty much year round.

Not pictured: a perfect navy silk Calvin Klein scarf I’ve been sitting on for years. I added that, and changed out the poncho with a military style jacket, later on in the day.

Is anyone else out there falling hard for the neckerchief look? I’ve always been a collector of silk scarves for head wraps, but now it seems like the final touch for many outfits is a scarf tied around the neck. I purchased these bandanas from Levis which add a little western flair. For under $10, this is the easiest wardrobe update!

How are you all embracing fall? We didn’t even get to talk about my new loafers … be forewarned, they will be gracing this site again.

Summer called

Summer called

… and oh boy did I answer. The past three months have been filled with lots of weekend getaways, time with new friends and old, and so many pink colored drinks (rose, and the newly found, affectionately loved, watermelon juice).

I hope this summer has been quite something for you too. Maybe you’ve gone to dinner with salt water still dried in your hair. Or finally let yourself relax, and spend a whole afternoon on the back porch. Whatever you did, I hope it was something special, and made you feel like you could finally, just breath.

One evening on a recent beach vacation we found ourselves on a bay inlet for dinner and a sunset. The sunset was really the main event. It only felt appropriate to take my shoes off, and wear my most quintessential summer things.

grace 2

grace 1

[Dress:  Banana Republic (old); Earrings: J.Crew; Makeup: Luminizer: Benefit]

Now on to live the last few weeks of summer, and bottle up that feeling.

Easy eye-opening trick

Easy eye-opening trick

twiggy eye

Nothing jolts you from a blog writing slumber quite like a beauty tip that needs to be shared. Today we’re talking about eyelashes, eye lash curlers and how to use these peepers and ill-regarded torture devices in our favor.

I’m an avid, daily lash curler, so I thought I really had my eye game on. Not so the case. I recently learned a new trick that I had not been privy to, and obviously now I need to share with all of you!

It’s simple. Lets call it the 3 by 3 rule. Basically 3 pumps in 3 different places.

Lets begin. As usual start with your eyelash curler as close as possible to the base of your lashes, without crimping your eyelid. Pump 3 times. Move the curler up slightly to the middle of the lashes. Repeat with 3 pumps here. Again, move the curler to the tip of your lashes and pump 3 times.

Behold glorious lashes, with, or without mascara.

I will say, this does get easier with practice, and without removing the curler from the lash area in between pumps. Just commit to it; you’ll be a eyelash curler goddess in no time (for your novice nellies out there).

If you’re not loving your current makeup bag rotation, I use this lash curler, and mascara.



Trick for your tresses

Trick for your tresses


{Got a secret, can I keep it … }

Blame it on the winter. Bleach. Dry air. Empty jar of leave-in conditioner. For whatever reason, your hair is getting dull, and a little lackluster. I feel you.

After coloring my hair a few months ago, I’ve noticed that my tendrils need a little more TLC than usual. Thankfully, we can use a handy kitchen item to do the trick: baking soda.

I’ve been doing this treatment 2x a week and have noticed my hair seems more lively, soft, and the roots just feel cleaner. This is coming from a girl who LOVES her dry dry shampoo routine. Product buildup be gone!

The steps:

  1. Pour shampoo into palm as usual. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of baking soda on top and mix the elements root to mid-shaft.
  2. Rub! Massage it in, like you’re at the hair salon.
  3. Condition as normal, mid-shaft to tip.

There are a lot of other homeopathic treatments with baking soda, have any of you tested them out? I’d love to hear.

The Turtleneck (#Streetstyle)

The Turtleneck (#Streetstyle)


turtle 1

turtle 2

turtle 4

turtle 5

turtle 6

turtle 7

turtle 8

turtleneck 3

OH the turtleneck. It’s a frequent conversation topic for my work friends, and I. The girls revere turtlenecks as the ultimate winter layering piece, or classic sweater staple. The men? Well they joke about a grandma vibe, but let them chatter … we’ll be sitting all toasty warm in the corner.

Let’s count the different styling options:

  1. Over a flowy or fit and flare skirt with a killer pair of heels. We can’t go totally elderly.
  2. Keep your hair tucked in for a faux-bob.
  3. A thick knit with light-wash boyfriend jeans, and slingbacks.
  4. Thin turtleneck underneath a thicker turtleneck. Feel free to push up those shirt sleeves and show the pairing.
  5. Underneath a blazer, nubby house coat, or really anything else.
  6. A neutral look head-to-toe.

If you have any great ideas for how you wear your turtleneck feel free to share. I’m always up for some new inspo.

And if you wanna follow along with more Steeped in Style posts, you can follow the blog via RSS/email (on the right column of the site) or through bloglovin’.


The one thing your winter wardrobe needs

The one thing your winter wardrobe needs

shave your sweater

I get it. Shopping out of boredom is one of the easiest ways to keep your outfits interesting for winter. Been there, so guilty of it.

But, there is a way to take a month off of shopping, and take care of the things you already called yours. Sweaters, no matter how quality, eventually start to pill. Some people swear by the “dull razor” trick to remove pesky balls, but that makes me nervous, and I also swore off cheap razors.

This $10 dollar fabric shaver has been breathing life into some wool coats, cardigans, and pullovers of mine that have been close to the “donate” pile.

Does anyone else have any tricks for keeping their items fresh?

Fur Sure (Beating the fashion blues)

Fur Sure (Beating the fashion blues)

fur 10

fur 7

fur 5

fur 4

fur 3

fur 1

fur 8

fur 2

fur 6All images via Pinterest

“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur.” – Karl Lagerfeld

If your winter wardrobe is beginning to drag like the days until April … perhaps fur could do the trick. Whether faux or real, fur can take your outfit to a different level.

If your inner dialogue with fur is:

I can dip my toe into the pool: start with a stole.

You’re pretty sure you can pull it off: so slip on a vest for a solid daytime to night statement.

All eyes on me in the center of the room (just like a circus): a coat obviously, and maybe multicolored.

I couldn’t leave your shopping carts empty either, so see below for some great outfit starters.


Fur Sure

Fur Sure by grace-milbourne

Lost Ink imitation fur coat/ Mango coat / Jack wills coat / ASOS fake fur scarve/ Jack Wills faux fur scarve