The Doc (Marten) is in

The Doc (Marten) is in


(Adorable high/low look here … getting Margot vibes from the Royal Tenenbaums)

If you’re close with me in real-life you’re probably like, “what? where is this whole homage to Doc Martens coming from? All this from our classic-loving, sometimes bohemian/trendy Grace?” Guys. The thing about style, and what looks you are drawn too often times defy boundaries, and rules.

As a principle, I hate rules, specifically “fashion” rules. It may be a product of living in downtown Manhattan for over three years now, but everyday I witness outfit combinations that make me stop, think, and smile.  Fashion doesn’t have to check boxes, or make sense. Sometimes an item is just fuel for the proverbial shopping fire, and this friends, is Doc Martens for me right now. No, I don’t have a pair. Yet.

So what’s the deal with Doc Martens?

They’ve been around forever. In fact, your aunt, or older sister, may have a pair in the back of her closet. These are tried and true boots, that have been around since the late 1950’s. Originally created for the military and factory workers to wear, these things are durable, and up for a long-term relationship with you and wherever you’re walking. Happy trails, are definitely, afoot.

They have history with social movements. Some garments get tied up with social movements and history, and become icons. Joining the ranks of the LBD (“little black dress”), Levi’s, and trench coats, are Doc Martens. In fact, the company prides itself on “rebellious self-expression” especially through music, and was linked with the punk, new-wave, youth in Great Britain from 1960’s up until today’s music festival  culture.

Today, they are worn by the self-expressive. How to wear a pair are really limitless–I’ve been toying with getting a pair to double as boots for snow, just as much as for dressing down a more traditional outfit. I’ve gathered some of the most inspired looks I could, and a few patterns emerged. Take note!

Untucked top + Long skirt + High boots



Grey sweater + Docs

grey sweater

grey sweater2

Overalls + Stripes + Docs (This combo is so casual and playful, it really kills me)


All-Black Look (hello, NYC, you’re already doing this from the head to ankle … just add the shoes!)


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.25.17 PM

I admit I’m late to the Marten party–so now it’s your turn. Tell me–are you already wearing a pair? How? As always thanks for following along with Steeped in Style, I love sharing my thoughts with you all. If you’re not, follow along on Instagram  @steepedinstyle, or through my Facebook page here.


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