Life’s always a picnic: Basket bag roundup

Life’s always a picnic: Basket bag roundup

Just breezing through to talk about the resurgence of my woven basket obsession (I just can’t stop, I adore them all!). I have to thank a roundup on Who What Wear, when I spotted the metal basket from Zara, tried to stay away, and then two weeks lately giddily purchased. The whole aesthetic just jives with mine, I can’t really fight it–the selection above hit such whimsical, casual, and slightly romantic notes that I just want to keep singing and singing. Plus, texture in an garment or accessory always always (always!) adds more appeal to your outfit, and bonus, makes things look more expensive.

The whole woven Belly Bag phenom was real in Summer 2017 (See here that the Doen $28 dollar version is still sold out) … it was like downtown Manhattan was an homage to the French countryside or something. Now as we’re starting to think of our Spring/Summer wardrobes, there are even more options, from fast-fashion outlets, to smaller boutiques on Etsy.

Personally, I’m very intrigued by the plastic options from the British company Sun Jellies — so fresh and unfussy–perfect for a beach/park/wherever a long Sunday afternoon takes you. You can purchase directly from their site, or from UO or Free People.

These two cuties below are from Zara here and here.

Tell me I’m not alone in my obsession … or if so, there’s more for me.  As always let me know what you’re shopping for this season. Thanks for following and if you’re new lets be friends on Instagram too. You can find me at @Steepedinstyle.


Beauty Counter Spotlight//Home Spa

Beauty Counter Spotlight//Home Spa

Beauty Counter Spotlight 3

Mario Badescu Skin Care body moisturizer / Drying Mask / Healing Soothing Mask

Hello Steeped in Style readers! Happy New Year to all. I imagine most of you have resolved in some way to take better care of yourself in 2015. I for one, have been trying to get a skin care routine down that is manageable and gives the results I want.

I’ve gone to the Mario Badescu spa in New York City a few times for their famously “matter-of-fact” and reasonable facials. Seriously guys, they start at $65 which is the best offering I’ve found at a service level I can trust. Little by little I’ve tried more of their products and a few have risen to the top for today’s Beauty Counter Spotlight. These products focus on cleansing, spot treating, and soothing.

1. Drying Mask – If I’m dealing with congested pores, or any cystic or hormonal breakouts, this product is great for deep-surface duty. Use this mask twice weekly, for skin that feels (in the best way) purged.

2. Drying Lotion – This was my gateway product, and one of the most well-know and loved MB treatments. Leave this spot treatment on over night if you have any white-heads or erupted surface breakouts. In the morning the situation will be much improved.

3. Healing and Soothing Mask – This is a perfect companion to the Drying Mask (#1) or great on it’s own in the colder weather months. If you’re using the Drying Mask, this mask 1-2 times weekly on alternating days will help replenish and soothe the skin. My skin feels and looks more hydrated after 20 minutes with this treatment on.

If any one suffers from cystic breakouts, the Buffering Lotion is a great product that can also be used with the Drying Mask. These products are really making a difference for me, I’d love to talk with you readers about your experience with these products or any other success stories you’d like to share!

Get the picture//Gallery Wall prints

Get the picture//Gallery Wall prints

Get the picture/Gallery Wall prints

Sometimes I go down an etsy spiral. I find one great illustrator, or jewelry maker, whatever the craft may be, and then 30 minutes later I’ve sent myself an email with 10 prospective links. That’s where this blog, and sharing these finds with you all comes into play :)

Whether you are looking for a home update, or great gift idea, there are few things that show as much personality and thoughtfulness as a piece of art. I love the process of finding a piece that either brings humor, beauty, or depth to the room. The prints above are pretty lighthearted and whimsical. They’d be great to add to a gallery wall, or work desk. I’m drawn to bold colors and texture, or hand drawn illustrations in light colors.  Basically two ends of the continuum, but lets not focus of design labels.

If you’re looking for more ideas I would check out Etsy, and Artfully Walls, both very fairly priced and inspired. I’m all about supporting less know artists or passion projects which both achieve.

What are you go to’s for design and art finds?

Beauty Counter Spotlight // Leather Care

Beauty Counter Spotlight // Leather Care

Beauty Counter Spotlight 2
I have this weird obsession with meticulously caring for my leather goods. In fact, just saying the term “leather goods”  gives me a tiny shiver of pleasure. I talk a lot about buying quality things (namely leather, not faux) whenever I can, and a part of that is maintenance.

Give your boots one slushy, snowy winter in NYC, and they’d be in your trash pile come April. In comes a small brigade of products that you can use to give protect and nurture your bags, boots, flats, etc. for another season.

I use Scotchgard as soon as a new pair of shoes comes out of the box, to ensure they are water and oil resistant. I use another shoe lotion to moisturize when the leather loses its’ luster. Suede can be notoriously tricky to care for, but many products come with a brush so you can gently loosen dirt and then clean the surface.

All you need is a soft cloth, the right products, and your beautiful leather items will age on beautifully, without the gross city stains you’d care to forget.

If you want to read more, Into the Gloss published a great article with more products right this way.
The best of (Black boots)

The best of (Black boots)

Black boots

In the midst of closets organizing, and wardrobe planning, you sometimes stumble upon a rockstar item that hass been holed up in the back of your closet, or is somewhere out there in the retail universe that you need to bring home. I’m somewhere in the second camp, in regards to black booties.

While I gravitate more towards neutral browns, the power of a pair of boots can’t be denied. I’m leaning more towards a 1-inch heel height, but there are lots of options out there for wherever you forsee these little beauties taking you :)

Shop some of my favorites above, or let me know what you’ve seen about the interwebs yourselves.
Step lightly into fall

Step lightly into fall

Step lightly fall
With the new season comes the gaping hole in your wardrobe for wearable accents (once you do the annual closet switch, that is). This Fall, the pointy-toed flat is striking the right cord. With silk blouses, and loose trousers, these simple but striking picks will create a modern look from head to foot.

Which look is your favorite?
Summer shoe of choice

Summer shoe of choice

Summer shoe of choice
It’s the type of shoe that fits every idyllic summer moment. The early morning bike rides on the boards, sandy toes finding their way in as you walk up the beach steps. Perfect for the sundress, cut-offs, and a boyfriend’s over sized shirt.

In an effort to minimize purchases, and hone in on the items that support that simple life, consider the espadrille. It’s a classic for a reason.

Shop more of my favorites at Soludos.
Layer up (Winter beauty essentials)

Layer up (Winter beauty essentials)

Layer up

The days are getting shorter, our hems are getting (considerably) longer, and we’re experiencing the first chapped lip/dry skin/snapped hair of the season. Oh the joys of winter. On the bright side, there always seems to be a new beauty product to fix the problem. Above are some of my old, and new, skin and hair fixes for the unique challenges this season presents.

1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – I’m a little late to the party as this moisturizer has been a standard for years, but on my recent discovery this proves to be a great daytime product that leaves me feeling quenched and never greasy.

2. Boots Facial Oil – After a semester abroad, anything Boots is alright in my book. This facial oil is great smelling (try to rosehip version) and a great way to speed up any healing marks on your body (scars, dark spots, healing acne).

3. Josie Maran Oil – Okay two oils may seems repetitive, but this cult favorite deserved a spot. It’s awesome for the ends of hairs, elbows, nails, basically anything that has the ability to be dry on your body …

4. Nivea A Kiss of Shine Gloss – I picked this up on a recent trip to Target and was super pleased with the results. With lasting shine, my lips felt refreshed and never sticky. Shines like a gloss but moisturizes like a balm.

5. Cerave Moisturizing Cream – Oh Cerave, my friends and I are obsessed with you. This brand was introduced to my by my dermatologists, and no wonder, it’s great for sensitive skin. This cream is super super hydrating and perfect to slather on your face after a great cleanse and before a 8-hour snooze.

Have any Winter beauty essentials? Spill please …
Stars and Stripes Forever

Stars and Stripes Forever

Happy 4th!
J.Crew dress / J.Crew long chambray shirt / J.Crew chino shorts / J.Crew shoes / San Diego Hat Co. / Opening Ceremony sunglasses

I am always one to savor dressing up for holidays; it must be my festive nature. Strategically speaking, you could go the route of wearing as much red, white and blue as possible, but that could be a little too much, don’t you think? Stick with solid colored pieces, some sparkling jewels and a few choice accessories and spend the rest of your day reveling as you should.

Here’s to a 4th of July where you truly express who you are, and celebrate how amazing our country is.