The Doc (Marten) is in

The Doc (Marten) is in


(Adorable high/low look here … getting Margot vibes from the Royal Tenenbaums)

If you’re close with me in real-life you’re probably like, “what? where is this whole homage to Doc Martens coming from? All this from our classic-loving, sometimes bohemian/trendy Grace?” Guys. The thing about style, and what looks you are drawn too often times defy boundaries, and rules.

As a principle, I hate rules, specifically “fashion” rules. It may be a product of living in downtown Manhattan for over three years now, but everyday I witness outfit combinations that make me stop, think, and smile.  Fashion doesn’t have to check boxes, or make sense. Sometimes an item is just fuel for the proverbial shopping fire, and this friends, is Doc Martens for me right now. No, I don’t have a pair. Yet.

So what’s the deal with Doc Martens?

They’ve been around forever. In fact, your aunt, or older sister, may have a pair in the back of her closet. These are tried and true boots, that have been around since the late 1950’s. Originally created for the military and factory workers to wear, these things are durable, and up for a long-term relationship with you and wherever you’re walking. Happy trails, are definitely, afoot.

They have history with social movements. Some garments get tied up with social movements and history, and become icons. Joining the ranks of the LBD (“little black dress”), Levi’s, and trench coats, are Doc Martens. In fact, the company prides itself on “rebellious self-expression” especially through music, and was linked with the punk, new-wave, youth in Great Britain from 1960’s up until today’s music festival  culture.

Today, they are worn by the self-expressive. How to wear a pair are really limitless–I’ve been toying with getting a pair to double as boots for snow, just as much as for dressing down a more traditional outfit. I’ve gathered some of the most inspired looks I could, and a few patterns emerged. Take note!

Untucked top + Long skirt + High boots



Grey sweater + Docs

grey sweater

grey sweater2

Overalls + Stripes + Docs (This combo is so casual and playful, it really kills me)


All-Black Look (hello, NYC, you’re already doing this from the head to ankle … just add the shoes!)


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.25.17 PM

I admit I’m late to the Marten party–so now it’s your turn. Tell me–are you already wearing a pair? How? As always thanks for following along with Steeped in Style, I love sharing my thoughts with you all. If you’re not, follow along on Instagram  @steepedinstyle, or through my Facebook page here.

Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase

Add to Cart//Every shirt is possible with this one purchase


Sometimes purchasing and trying out delicates can make you feel just the opposite. Underwire! Weirdly unreachable center clasps! Strange 6-way strap possibilities but not even one works!

With undergarments, let’s get real. We want to feel comfortable and free, but not like we’re wrapping up chicken cutlets in saran wrap.

Now is probably a good time for my 3 male readers (I know you’re out there) to move on to another post. Ladies, keep reading because I’ve found something that has replace my regular undergarments at least 4 times a week.

Enter, the aptly named, Nippies. You can get them on Amazon for $25 flat. These have changed the way I dress this summer. No longer am I concerned about wearing a strapless bra that will show through the armholes (sideboob region, hi). I can wear triangle tops without excessive amounts of cleavage. Backless, or string ties, can now be breezy and look as they were intended to! Nippies cover the majority of you, but don’t provide any undercarriage support if you catch my drift, so things will be hanging pretty naturally.

They have never fallen off of me (or been sweated off #NYCLIFE), unlike several other stick-on bra options I’ve tried in the past. Plus, they’re washable so you can wear them again and again. Bonus: you can wear them with your gym clothes if they’re not padded and you want things to stay chill, you know.

I could go on. This is the perfect blend of no-bra freedom, with a little coverage if you’re a closet nipple conservative like me. Shop away!



Fall Embrace

Fall Embrace






[Outfit details: Mini Skirt: J.Crew; Loafer: Everlane; Shirt: LOFT (no longer available); Poncho: Asos (old)]

Feeling very full-on fall these days. Despite the bipolar weather dips, I’m finding a way to transition into my fall look. For me, that means using more brown, burgundy, and navy, even though I’m a navy enthusiast pretty much year round.

Not pictured: a perfect navy silk Calvin Klein scarf I’ve been sitting on for years. I added that, and changed out the poncho with a military style jacket, later on in the day.

Is anyone else out there falling hard for the neckerchief look? I’ve always been a collector of silk scarves for head wraps, but now it seems like the final touch for many outfits is a scarf tied around the neck. I purchased these bandanas from Levis which add a little western flair. For under $10, this is the easiest wardrobe update!

How are you all embracing fall? We didn’t even get to talk about my new loafers … be forewarned, they will be gracing this site again.

The one thing your winter wardrobe needs

The one thing your winter wardrobe needs

shave your sweater

I get it. Shopping out of boredom is one of the easiest ways to keep your outfits interesting for winter. Been there, so guilty of it.

But, there is a way to take a month off of shopping, and take care of the things you already called yours. Sweaters, no matter how quality, eventually start to pill. Some people swear by the “dull razor” trick to remove pesky balls, but that makes me nervous, and I also swore off cheap razors.

This $10 dollar fabric shaver has been breathing life into some wool coats, cardigans, and pullovers of mine that have been close to the “donate” pile.

Does anyone else have any tricks for keeping their items fresh?

Fur Sure (Beating the fashion blues)

Fur Sure (Beating the fashion blues)

fur 10

fur 7

fur 5

fur 4

fur 3

fur 1

fur 8

fur 2

fur 6All images via Pinterest

“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur.” – Karl Lagerfeld

If your winter wardrobe is beginning to drag like the days until April … perhaps fur could do the trick. Whether faux or real, fur can take your outfit to a different level.

If your inner dialogue with fur is:

I can dip my toe into the pool: start with a stole.

You’re pretty sure you can pull it off: so slip on a vest for a solid daytime to night statement.

All eyes on me in the center of the room (just like a circus): a coat obviously, and maybe multicolored.

I couldn’t leave your shopping carts empty either, so see below for some great outfit starters.


Fur Sure

Fur Sure by grace-milbourne

Lost Ink imitation fur coat/ Mango coat / Jack wills coat / ASOS fake fur scarve/ Jack Wills faux fur scarve

From the feet up (Sock stylin’)

From the feet up (Sock stylin’)

sock layering 1

One of the best fashion abilities presented in winter is layering. For some, the  lack of thoughtful layering brings a unique deep chill to their bones until the frosty ground is again broken in April. But some, are always up for the challenge of layering. Today we’ll cover the basics with a trusty accessory: a pair of socks.

As a lifelong (sans college) resident of the great northeast, I consider myself pretty creative in the art of using socks, basic as it sounds, to keep things cozy, even when you’re out in the elements.

Steeped Tips:

  1. ALWAYS, and I mean without fail, layer tights with socks on top. This is a non-negotiable. At least start with an ankle sock, but playing with the proportion of sock shown is encouraged too.
  2. Quality counts. Those last minute checkout grabs at F21 will only get you so far. Look for socks with more body, and perhaps some wool content for a real winner. No one likes a pair that only last one meager season.
  3. Engage in optical illusions. If you didn’t join the over the knee boot trend, you can fake the illusion with an over the knee pair of socks in a similar color. Or, if you don’t want cold ankles with your favorite pair of oxfords, or boots, a funky ankle pair can keep you warm.

A few of my favorite options are below! Be smart about staying warm, friends.

Perfect Pairing

Free People cuff socks / Smartwool merino wool blend socks / Nordstrom black hosiery / P.J. Salvage brown socks / Knee hi socks / Star socks / Forever 21 knee hi socks

My fall list (the fashion apple of my eye)

My fall list (the fashion apple of my eye)

blog 1 blog 2 blog 3 blog 4  blog 6blog 5 blog 7

[Outfit Details: Jacket: J.Crew, Sweater: Banana Republic; Shirt: F21 (old); Jeans: Madewell; Boots: LL Bean]

This fall I made a list. Have a dinner party, check. Pick apples and make glorious things with them, check. Make a shopping list and stick to it, CHECK. At the top of my list was a lightweight jacket that was utilitarian and weather saavy (guys, this jacket is waterproof with a hood).

As always, I fell in love on the J.Crew website. I’ve found that sticking to a plan for my purchases this season has expanded the versatility of my closet even though I’m adding a smaller amount of items. I’m abiding by the mantra of “fewer, better things.”

Are you all sticking to a list this season? Having any luck? Of course there are always a few finds the come your way that are too good to pass up on, but I’m really digging this more intentional approach to building my closet.

Tis the season (Winter sales)

Tis the season (Winter sales)

Winter Sales

Black dress / J Crew coat / Loeffler Randall shoulder bag / Flower necklace / Tinley Road infinity scarf / LORAC beauty product / NVY Astrid

If you aren’t guilty of picking up a few treasures for yourself during the holiday season, congratulations on your self-control. For those of you who did, hey I’m guilty too. But the great thing is that the post-holiday sales can be pillaged by all of us, penny pinchers and splurgers alike. Here are a few sales that I’m shopping about myself (from the comforts of home with a hot beverage in my hand no doubt); see above for some of my dream picks too!

J.Crew – 30% of full-price items and 40% off sale with the code GIFTNOW.

Piperlime50% off sale items with the code EXTRA.

GAP – 30% off sale items with the code GIFTMORE.

ASOS – up to 50% off items, prices as marked.

SephoraExtra 20% of sale items with code EXTRA20.

Now go forth and shop!