small ways to seasonally dress

small ways to seasonally dress

At this time in the summer season I feel either one of two ways about my current closet edit. Either I’m counting down the amount of times I’m going to wear an item before throwing it out (cough cough my espadrilles have seen better days), or I’m counting the diverse ways I can wear a piece (p.s my white crew-neck tee shirt wins hands down).

August can be an oddly preemptive month. I’m feeling a little nostalgic about certain pieces, crafting occasions to wear things one last time before I tuck them away for the season. But I’m also starting to cast a longing eye to September–and all the fresh, and rich outfit opportunities it brings.

So maybe you’re sentimental about summer. Or maybe you’re ready to start foreshadowing fall. I have some ideas. And, bonus! They’re both very affordable, because, games aside, you probably just want to spend your cash on all the ice cream cones before Labor Day.

“I’m ready for apple farms, and pumpkins, and cashmere sweaters.” Fair.

How about a slight homage to the back-to-school standard ankle socks? A weird thing happened to me this year, where I must have seen someone wearing a pair of glitter anklets and then I couldn’t get them out of my HEAD. Like a 12 pack of pencils and a new notebook, these will only set you back at around $5 a pair. Adorable with a short skirt and bare legs, and how cool are the fishnets (newsflash, back and big for fall), with a raw hem jean?

Shop it: Navy rick rack trim, silvery black, fishnet ankle

“I could still go for another beach day, but my neck is sweaty … ” Yep, same.

Ladies, this idea is free. If you’re like me and have thick or long hair you know about the hair blanket effect. Below see my current vision board of simple, chic perfection. Pick up a pack of clear or black hair elastics and go to town with the multi-sectioned low-pony. It’s different, and easy, and it lasts all day. Or if you’re running out the door, go with a low pony with a single braided tail. You can successfully show off your bronzed shoulders, or statement earrings.

I’m sure you all have some end of season tricks and tips you’re hoarding on it … come on! Share the love. Let me know how you’re dressing at this point in the season. And as always, thanks for reading along on Steeped.