Life’s always a picnic: Basket bag roundup

Life’s always a picnic: Basket bag roundup

Just breezing through to talk about the resurgence of my woven basket obsession (I just can’t stop, I adore them all!). I have to thank a roundup on Who What Wear, when I spotted the metal basket from Zara, tried to stay away, and then two weeks lately giddily purchased. The whole aesthetic just jives with mine, I can’t really fight it–the selection above hit such whimsical, casual, and slightly romantic notes that I just want to keep singing and singing. Plus, texture in an garment or accessory always always (always!) adds more appeal to your outfit, and bonus, makes things look more expensive.

The whole woven Belly Bag phenom was real in Summer 2017 (See here that the Doen $28 dollar version is still sold out) … it was like downtown Manhattan was an homage to the French countryside or something. Now as we’re starting to think of our Spring/Summer wardrobes, there are even more options, from fast-fashion outlets, to smaller boutiques on Etsy.

Personally, I’m very intrigued by the plastic options from the British company Sun Jellies — so fresh and unfussy–perfect for a beach/park/wherever a long Sunday afternoon takes you. You can purchase directly from their site, or from UO or Free People.

These two cuties below are from Zara here and here.

Tell me I’m not alone in my obsession … or if so, there’s more for me.  As always let me know what you’re shopping for this season. Thanks for following and if you’re new lets be friends on Instagram too. You can find me at @Steepedinstyle.


Tie me up

Tie me up









You asked for some inspo, and now you’ve got it. I blogged here about how bandanas are an easy and affordable wardrobe update, but wanted to paint the picture a little more fully with this post. Even I got some fresh ideas while searching for these images; what fun we can have with fashion, am I right?

There’s really no wrong way to style one of these bad boys. With multiple ways to tie bandanas around your neck (or I’m also partial to the bun tie, or bag adornment), do you feel the growing need to adopt the knot?

Here are some options ripe for the picking: Urban Outfitters (they have an awesome selection here), Banana Republic,  Zara.

I’d love to hear how you style yourself. Comment below with any additional knot techniques or tag your pictures with the hashtag #steepedinstyle. Let’s get social!

Navy Pier

Navy Pier








FullSizeRender[Outfit Details: Blouse: J.Crew; Shorts: J.Crew; Hat: Banana Republic; Bag: Fossil; Sandals: Madewell]

If I could insert all the sun/sand/lobster roll emojis in this plain text environment, I WOULD. This weekend was finally spring-like, with strong summer undertones. I was not complaining.

I spent the majority of time outside, and didn’t want to spend too long worrying in the shadows of my closet. Easy dressing was key. I’ve spoken fondly of my kinship with monochromatic dressing and navy, so it was only a matter of time until the two were married here on Steeped in Style.

Both the top and bottoms are from J.Crew and are super relaxed (either blousey, or elastic banded) which works well for a low-key vibe. The sandals and hat are two new additions this season, both will appear in many more posts I’m sure.

Again, shout out to Banana Republic for having L/XL size hats, for those with big brains like myself.

Now, who’s ready for another blissful weekend? What will you be wearing?

Boyfriend Jeans//My #LDR

Boyfriend Jeans//My #LDR









[Outfit Details: Jacket: J.Crew; Sweater: Gap; Jeans: LOFT (Similar here); Shoes: Superga; Sunglasses: Warby Parker]

I’ve fallen fast and hard for my new favorite boyfriend.

Boyfriend jeans that is. In all honesty, it’s the only long-distance relationship (LDR) I’ve ever had; I longingly think of them all week, until that moment on Saturday morning where we’re reunited for another weekend of blissful adventures. I take my clothing seriously! This is a style blog after all.

I’ve been really into the loose-fitting, semi slouchy, pant with a playful sneaker. Not really my signature look, but sometimes it’s fun to play in all the sandboxes.

What are you all lovin’ on fashionwise recently?

Ode to the oversized white shirt

Ode to the oversized white shirt

3cd2fe2ec23479a7f84799bdfc171367 accent-clutches-01 ccfe5bbea8ca319e47106131ffaa05daMore than ever, I’m finding simple dressing to be a thing of beauty. When you get through all the clutter of trend-heavy magazine and blog pages, there are few items that stand the test of time.

The white Oxford is one of those. I prefer mine slightly over sized, but still lean; long enough to tuck a tail in, or not. I’ve been hitting the jackpot over in the Gap Men’s department over the last year, because those seem to best fit my longer frame. Sidenote: it seems like there is always a 30% off sale at Gap, including now.

Is this a look that you all feel as much unabashed love for as I do? Sharing is caring. Comment below!

The best of (Black boots)

The best of (Black boots)

Black boots

In the midst of closets organizing, and wardrobe planning, you sometimes stumble upon a rockstar item that hass been holed up in the back of your closet, or is somewhere out there in the retail universe that you need to bring home. I’m somewhere in the second camp, in regards to black booties.

While I gravitate more towards neutral browns, the power of a pair of boots can’t be denied. I’m leaning more towards a 1-inch heel height, but there are lots of options out there for wherever you forsee these little beauties taking you :)

Shop some of my favorites above, or let me know what you’ve seen about the interwebs yourselves.
Step lightly into fall

Step lightly into fall

Step lightly fall
With the new season comes the gaping hole in your wardrobe for wearable accents (once you do the annual closet switch, that is). This Fall, the pointy-toed flat is striking the right cord. With silk blouses, and loose trousers, these simple but striking picks will create a modern look from head to foot.

Which look is your favorite?
Summer shoe of choice

Summer shoe of choice

Summer shoe of choice
It’s the type of shoe that fits every idyllic summer moment. The early morning bike rides on the boards, sandy toes finding their way in as you walk up the beach steps. Perfect for the sundress, cut-offs, and a boyfriend’s over sized shirt.

In an effort to minimize purchases, and hone in on the items that support that simple life, consider the espadrille. It’s a classic for a reason.

Shop more of my favorites at Soludos.
Fur Sure (Walking out the door)

Fur Sure (Walking out the door)



blog 1

blog 4[The Details: Peasant Blouse: Thrifted/Vintage; Faux Fur Vest: TJ Maxx; Coat: Thrifted; Jeans: Madewell; Boots: Dolce Vita; Nail polish: Essie “For the twill of it”]

It’s hard to get out the door on a rainy, snowy (whatever that slushy mix was!) morning. One thing I have learned is that any piece with a touch of fur gives a look that taste of glamour that instantly finishes it off. I also adore this flowy blousy top that I found on a thrifting trip; the pair of the two pieces gives almost a 70’s vibe – which I don’t mind in the least. Totally picturing this look with a middle part pony tail and some hope earrings ….

Other ways to style fur:

  • Fitted top + harem or pj-inspired pants
  • Baseball cap + boyfriend jeans
  • Maxi skirt/dress + felt hat

How about you, is fur still a sure thing in your closet? Let me know in the comments, I could talk about this for hours …