Easy eye-opening trick

Easy eye-opening trick

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Nothing jolts you from a blog writing slumber quite like a beauty tip that needs to be shared. Today we’re talking about eyelashes, eye lash curlers and how to use these peepers and ill-regarded torture devices in our favor.

I’m an avid, daily lash curler, so I thought I really had my eye game on. Not so the case. I recently learned a new trick that I had not been privy to, and obviously now I need to share with all of you!

It’s simple. Lets call it the 3 by 3 rule. Basically 3 pumps in 3 different places.

Lets begin. As usual start with your eyelash curler as close as possible to the base of your lashes, without crimping your eyelid. Pump 3 times. Move the curler up slightly to the middle of the lashes. Repeat with 3 pumps here. Again, move the curler to the tip of your lashes and pump 3 times.

Behold glorious lashes, with, or without mascara.

I will say, this does get easier with practice, and without removing the curler from the lash area in between pumps. Just commit to it; you’ll be a eyelash curler goddess in no time (for your novice nellies out there).

If you’re not loving your current makeup bag rotation, I use this lash curler, and mascara.



Beauty Counter Spotlight//Eyelashes

Beauty Counter Spotlight//Eyelashes

photoAn eyelash curler is one of the unsung heroes of your beauty bag. If you’re using a sub par version, you may not even really see a difference. Everything changes though when you come across one that actually works.

The Shiseido curler lifts the whole lash with determination that my last Revlon model could not; it also captures all of my eyelashes from corner to corner which noticeably ups the game. This baby is perfect for a weekend look sans mascara. Or for a regular daily look, I finish things off with Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara.

You can shop it here.

What topics would you like me to cover on the next Beauty counter spotlight?