From the feet up (Sock stylin’)

From the feet up (Sock stylin’)

sock layering 1

One of the best fashion abilities presented in winter is layering. For some, the  lack of thoughtful layering brings a unique deep chill to their bones until the frosty ground is again broken in April. But some, are always up for the challenge of layering. Today we’ll cover the basics with a trusty accessory: a pair of socks.

As a lifelong (sans college) resident of the great northeast, I consider myself pretty creative in the art of using socks, basic as it sounds, to keep things cozy, even when you’re out in the elements.

Steeped Tips:

  1. ALWAYS, and I mean without fail, layer tights with socks on top. This is a non-negotiable. At least start with an ankle sock, but playing with the proportion of sock shown is encouraged too.
  2. Quality counts. Those last minute checkout grabs at F21 will only get you so far. Look for socks with more body, and perhaps some wool content for a real winner. No one likes a pair that only last one meager season.
  3. Engage in optical illusions. If you didn’t join the over the knee boot trend, you can fake the illusion with an over the knee pair of socks in a similar color. Or, if you don’t want cold ankles with your favorite pair of oxfords, or boots, a funky ankle pair can keep you warm.

A few of my favorite options are below! Be smart about staying warm, friends.

Perfect Pairing

Free People cuff socks / Smartwool merino wool blend socks / Nordstrom black hosiery / P.J. Salvage brown socks / Knee hi socks / Star socks / Forever 21 knee hi socks

New year, new site

New year, new site


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Hello and happy new year! Wanted to pop in, and share that Steeped in Style got a little site design refresh for the new year. The changes are quite simple, so you should still be able to find the social content, and archived posts on the right. News posts, as always, are front and center.

Wanted to get a pulse check from you readers. What content are you wanting to read in 2016? I’m open to any or all suggestions, and while this site will mostly remain my place to share any style, beauty, or lifestyle ideas I’m excited about, I want them to inspire and excite you all too.

Thanks for following along, and if you’re new to Steeped, why don’t you subscribe via email/bloglovin/RSS feed?

Saving Face//Skin Care

Saving Face//Skin Care

Saving Face//Skin Care

 Saving Face//Skin Care by grace-milbourne


Despite the El Nino weather situation happening outdoors, I’ve still transitioned my skin care to a ‘weather buffering’ routine. That means being more careful with touching my face with towels, using less hot water, and always patting (versus scrubbing) dry!


 But, product junkie me, leans heavily on a few old, and newer tools to really amp up the skincare arsenal. I can’t wait to share these!


1. Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum This product is fairly new to my routine. Serums help bind moisture to your skin (morning and night) after you cleanse, and improve the effectiveness of any other products you put on afterwards.  This serums also improves appearance of dark spots, promotes even skin tone, and boosts radiance. I’m sold.


2. Embryolisee Lait Creme Concentre is a French pharmacy classic. Worthy of a check-your-bag vs. carry on, if you catch my drift. This moisturizer smells super fresh, and I’ve been using as a night cream, that can layer on top of any other serums, or topicals I’m using.


3. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask has been a skin savior since this summer. If I’m ever out way too late, or my skin is flaky/weird, this is a great K-town find that you can slip on before bed, and wake up with hydrated and soothed skin.


4. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish This one is goodie. This gentle sugar scrub buffs off that pesky dead skin from your lips. I also wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to taste it …. it smells that heavenly. That red lipstick won’t cake over that pout now!


5. Ending with the classic Vaseline. The product really does it all; I love waking up feeling how moisturized my lips are from one swipe, 8+ hours later. Some other ways to use Vaseline are on dry skin patches, or eyelids for a ethereal and fresh glow.


What winter beauty tricks do you have up you (turtleneck) sleeves? Let me know if you’ve tried any of my favorites too.
A gift

A gift

je kunt deze foto gebruiken om een telefoonhoesje te ontwerpen op:

It’s to be expected that the Christmas season comes around, like clockwork, each year. But yet it has managed to take me by surprise this season. Perhaps its the freakishly balmy temperatures in New York City, or the work related hysteria overtaking my calendar? Maybe the lack of traditions in my mid-twenties life, somewhat, but desirably displaced.

The other night, at yoga class, our final breathes were paired with a poem. As I heard the words drift over me, something deep within recognized their phrases. When I got home, I paged through a poetry anthology I had bought in high school, and found the same poem there, dogeared and revered.

So far this season, the only gift that I’ve given as of yet (don’t worry though family and friends!) is one to myself. Sometimes words without explanation and pomp are enough. I hope this resonates with you also.

“You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting

You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the world goes on.

Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain

are moving across the landscapes

over the prairies and the deep trees,

the mountains and the rivers

Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clear blue air,

are heading home again

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely

The world offers itself to your imagination

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting–

over and over announcing your place

in the family of things.”


Wild Geese by Mary Oliver


Style equation

Style equation

Style Math 1
There are certain outfits whose uniqueness stems from the different items that together create something really special. Something that just works. I’ll be featuring a new series here on Steeped in Style called Style Equations that breaks down how to pair certain elements for a great look.


First up, is an outfit that I wore that sparked the idea for this whole feature. I’ve spoken before about my love for a solid jumpsuit, so this look centers around that. Fall is a great time to work with different layers and proportions, it’s one of those times where unusual seeming outfits work.


Start with your jumpsuit. A few great ones are above (if you still need to add one to your collection); then top with a long coatagin (coat + cardigan combo), which makes the whole thing casual and elegant. Finally, finish the look off with a great heeled lace up or ankle strap shoe. This really elevates the entire things, especially if your jumpsuit is slightly cropped with an exposed ankle.
Do it, flash some leg.


Hope you all enjoy this first style equation, let me know if you take this look for a spin.
Hey girl

Hey girl

White on White | Sleeveless Trench Vest: 22 ways to wear this in-between season staple:

Black Leggings, Tall Boots, a Turtleneck, and a Duster Vest:

Get a Fashionable Wardrobe by September—Without Spending a Ton

Plaid is this years trend at any age. For winter 2014-15: It seems to me that this fall warrants a slight wardrobe update. Not an entire overhaul of what I have, but the addition of a few functional and stylish pieces. As I simultaneously clean out my closet, and aim to be very choosy about the things I buy, sometimes you just have that certain feeling about a style of clothing that’s made for you.

This whole sleeveless trench/duster thing has caught my attention for a while. It’s the type of piece you can wear now with your end-of-summer dresses, and later with a thick cardigan and jeans. And it’s definitely a “hey girl, hey” piece, sure to turn eyes whenever you wear one.

A few of my favorites are here, here, and here.

Pom poms galore

Pom poms galore

[Outfit Details: Dress: J.Crew; Hat: Banana Republic; Shoes: Joe’s Jeans]

I would consider my style mostly classic, aside for my fondness for certain fabrics and patterns. Embroidery, and playful pom poms are like the rainbow sprinkles that I can’t resist adding to my soft-serve cone.

I wore this outfit to an outdoor concert and firework display, one of my favorite nights so far this summer.

Here are a few similar items available right now (Most are on sale too!): 1, 2, 3, and the J.Crew Factory dress and top version of what I’m wearing.

Morning after (Immunity Boosting Tea)

Morning after (Immunity Boosting Tea)


So right now you’ve probably lived through a potentially wild and probably sleepless weekend, and could use a little pick-me-up, post the 4th. And sometimes an extra shot of espresso doesn’t cut it.

Try this homeopathetic and earthy tea that will give you the restorative kick you need.

Start with: 

– 2 slices of peeled ginger

– A few sprigs of fresh sage

– Honey to taste

– Juice of a lemon (Half to a whole)

Combine above ingredient in a large measuring cup. Bring cool water to boil, and steep ingredients for 30 minutes to get full flavor. This tea is best served warm shortly after you brew. Enjoy and be well!

Cape Girl

Cape Girl





[Outfit Details: Shirt: Ralph Lauren; Pants: Ann Taylor; Loafers: Ann Klein (thanks for the inspo, Mom!); Bag: gifted from my Grandma]

My vacation look while in Cape Cod (ahem, yes another vacation), was a little bit borrowed from my familial roots as well as a homage to the local New England spirit.

Where else can you wear obnoxiously loud plaid oxfords, and feel completely unironic, especially with a two-toned loafer? I rest my case. I also took style inspiration from my Grandma, who is the picture of class, and brought along her straw bag.

More photos from my trip to the Boston and Cape Cod area coming up in a hot minute.