Get the picture//Gallery Wall prints

Get the picture//Gallery Wall prints

Get the picture/Gallery Wall prints

Sometimes I go down an etsy spiral. I find one great illustrator, or jewelry maker, whatever the craft may be, and then 30 minutes later I’ve sent myself an email with 10 prospective links. That’s where this blog, and sharing these finds with you all comes into play :)

Whether you are looking for a home update, or great gift idea, there are few things that show as much personality and thoughtfulness as a piece of art. I love the process of finding a piece that either brings humor, beauty, or depth to the room. The prints above are pretty lighthearted and whimsical. They’d be great to add to a gallery wall, or work desk. I’m drawn to bold colors and texture, or hand drawn illustrations in light colors.  Basically two ends of the continuum, but lets not focus of design labels.

If you’re looking for more ideas I would check out Etsy, and Artfully Walls, both very fairly priced and inspired. I’m all about supporting less know artists or passion projects which both achieve.

What are you go to’s for design and art finds?


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