Beauty Counter Spotlight//Home Spa

Beauty Counter Spotlight//Home Spa

Beauty Counter Spotlight 3

Mario Badescu Skin Care body moisturizer / Drying Mask / Healing Soothing Mask

Hello Steeped in Style readers! Happy New Year to all. I imagine most of you have resolved in some way to take better care of yourself in 2015. I for one, have been trying to get a skin care routine down that is manageable and gives the results I want.

I’ve gone to the Mario Badescu spa in New York City a few times for their famously “matter-of-fact” and reasonable facials. Seriously guys, they start at $65 which is the best offering I’ve found at a service level I can trust. Little by little I’ve tried more of their products and a few have risen to the top for today’s Beauty Counter Spotlight. These products focus on cleansing, spot treating, and soothing.

1. Drying Mask – If I’m dealing with congested pores, or any cystic or hormonal breakouts, this product is great for deep-surface duty. Use this mask twice weekly, for skin that feels (in the best way) purged.

2. Drying Lotion – This was my gateway product, and one of the most well-know and loved MB treatments. Leave this spot treatment on over night if you have any white-heads or erupted surface breakouts. In the morning the situation will be much improved.

3. Healing and Soothing Mask – This is a perfect companion to the Drying Mask (#1) or great on it’s own in the colder weather months. If you’re using the Drying Mask, this mask 1-2 times weekly on alternating days will help replenish and soothe the skin. My skin feels and looks more hydrated after 20 minutes with this treatment on.

If any one suffers from cystic breakouts, the Buffering Lotion is a great product that can also be used with the Drying Mask. These products are really making a difference for me, I’d love to talk with you readers about your experience with these products or any other success stories you’d like to share!


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