Layer up (Winter beauty essentials)

Layer up (Winter beauty essentials)

Layer up

The days are getting shorter, our hems are getting (considerably) longer, and we’re experiencing the first chapped lip/dry skin/snapped hair of the season. Oh the joys of winter. On the bright side, there always seems to be a new beauty product to fix the problem. Above are some of my old, and new, skin and hair fixes for the unique challenges this season presents.

1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – I’m a little late to the party as this moisturizer has been a standard for years, but on my recent discovery this proves to be a great daytime product that leaves me feeling quenched and never greasy.

2. Boots Facial Oil – After a semester abroad, anything Boots is alright in my book. This facial oil is great smelling (try to rosehip version) and a great way to speed up any healing marks on your body (scars, dark spots, healing acne).

3. Josie Maran Oil – Okay two oils may seems repetitive, but this cult favorite deserved a spot. It’s awesome for the ends of hairs, elbows, nails, basically anything that has the ability to be dry on your body …

4. Nivea A Kiss of Shine Gloss – I picked this up on a recent trip to Target and was super pleased with the results. With lasting shine, my lips felt refreshed and never sticky. Shines like a gloss but moisturizes like a balm.

5. Cerave Moisturizing Cream – Oh Cerave, my friends and I are obsessed with you. This brand was introduced to my by my dermatologists, and no wonder, it’s great for sensitive skin. This cream is super super hydrating and perfect to slather on your face after a great cleanse and before a 8-hour snooze.

Have any Winter beauty essentials? Spill please …

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