Ode to the oversized white shirt

Ode to the oversized white shirt

3cd2fe2ec23479a7f84799bdfc171367 accent-clutches-01 ccfe5bbea8ca319e47106131ffaa05daMore than ever, I’m finding simple dressing to be a thing of beauty. When you get through all the clutter of trend-heavy magazine and blog pages, there are few items that stand the test of time.

The white Oxford is one of those. I prefer mine slightly over sized, but still lean; long enough to tuck a tail in, or not. I’ve been hitting the jackpot over in the Gap Men’s department over the last year, because those seem to best fit my longer frame. Sidenote: it seems like there is always a 30% off sale at Gap, including now.

Is this a look that you all feel as much unabashed love for as I do? Sharing is caring. Comment below!


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