Boyfriend Jeans//My #LDR

Boyfriend Jeans//My #LDR









[Outfit Details: Jacket: J.Crew; Sweater: Gap; Jeans: LOFT (Similar here); Shoes: Superga; Sunglasses: Warby Parker]

I’ve fallen fast and hard for my new favorite boyfriend.

Boyfriend jeans that is. In all honesty, it’s the only long-distance relationship (LDR) I’ve ever had; I longingly think of them all week, until that moment on Saturday morning where we’re reunited for another weekend of blissful adventures. I take my clothing seriously! This is a style blog after all.

I’ve been really into the loose-fitting, semi slouchy, pant with a playful sneaker. Not really my signature look, but sometimes it’s fun to play in all the sandboxes.

What are you all lovin’ on fashionwise recently?


One thought on “Boyfriend Jeans//My #LDR

  1. LOVE the boyfriend jeans! And love that it’s an “ALT,” if you will, of your signature look!

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