One of the boys

One of the boys

One of the boys
J.Crew j crew / J.Crew j crew / Converse sneaker / J.Crew j crew watch / J.Crew sunglasses
For those of you who know me personally, “tomboy” would be the last word used to describe me, or my style aesthetic. I’ve always preferred the more classic, and sometimes romantic approach to dressing. This is not to say though that I can’t appreciate what some of our favorite male looks have inspired – clean lines, classic materials, and worn in fabrics. Nothing is more appealing than someone who really feels comfortable in their own skin (in some cases, this can translate to a good pair of jeans) and recently I’ve been testing the waters with some of these more masculine looks.
Top of mind are a white pair of converse and a leather wrist watch … Who else is feeling me on making a little corner of your closet dedicated to boyish looks? It may make the men in our lives more happy if we stop “borrowing” their t-shirts (aka stealing them).

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