Weekly Affinity

Weekly Affinity

Sometimes an image captivates you and completely embodies the type of style, or attitude you yourself want to hold. Since I haven’t had time (and it’s been rainy … ) to take my own outfit photos recently, here are a few images that have been a source of inspiration for me this week.

[I mean, she nails it – from the casual sweat shirt, to the printed pants, open toed shoes, and tribal necklace]

[Gorgeous jacket, and the hair helps too]

[This pink, oh wow, reminds me of the pending peony season]

[The mix of a fem maxi dress and a leather jacket is one that I’m dying to try]

[And lastly, a shoutout to the upcoming headscarf season, which I will be ushering in very very shortly … )

Happy Friday friends! May your weekend be restorative and filled with style.


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