Hey girl

Hey girl

White on White | Sleeveless Trench Vest: 22 ways to wear this in-between season staple:

Black Leggings, Tall Boots, a Turtleneck, and a Duster Vest:

Get a Fashionable Wardrobe by September—Without Spending a Ton

Plaid is this years trend at any age. For winter 2014-15: It seems to me that this fall warrants a slight wardrobe update. Not an entire overhaul of what I have, but the addition of a few functional and stylish pieces. As I simultaneously clean out my closet, and aim to be very choosy about the things I buy, sometimes you just have that certain feeling about a style of clothing that’s made for you.

This whole sleeveless trench/duster thing has caught my attention for a while. It’s the type of piece you can wear now with your end-of-summer dresses, and later with a thick cardigan and jeans. And it’s definitely a “hey girl, hey” piece, sure to turn eyes whenever you wear one.

A few of my favorites are here, here, and here.


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