Style equation

Style equation

Style Math 1
There are certain outfits whose uniqueness stems from the different items that together create something really special. Something that just works. I’ll be featuring a new series here on Steeped in Style called Style Equations that breaks down how to pair certain elements for a great look.


First up, is an outfit that I wore that sparked the idea for this whole feature. I’ve spoken before about my love for a solid jumpsuit, so this look centers around that. Fall is a great time to work with different layers and proportions, it’s one of those times where unusual seeming outfits work.


Start with your jumpsuit. A few great ones are above (if you still need to add one to your collection); then top with a long coatagin (coat + cardigan combo), which makes the whole thing casual and elegant. Finally, finish the look off with a great heeled lace up or ankle strap shoe. This really elevates the entire things, especially if your jumpsuit is slightly cropped with an exposed ankle.
Do it, flash some leg.


Hope you all enjoy this first style equation, let me know if you take this look for a spin.

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