Marsala Color Story//Hello 2015!

Marsala Color Story//Hello 2015!

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I’m an avid Indian cusine lover. The food is intentional, fragrant, and decadent. The traditional Tikka Marsala can be summed up in one word: rich. The 2015 Pantone color of the year, Marsala, is one of the more wearable choices compared to years past as it is closely tied to ethic roots. I already have a soft spot for this hue in the winter months, but am curious about how to incorporate it throughout the whole year with softer colors.

Marsala pairs well with equally strong navys, or more subdued shades of blue (think Oxford), and gray. I also recognize that the last photo is more of a red tint, but I’m so in love with the whole look that I had to share it.

How will you all incorporate this new color in your wardrobe? Or are you convinced that Marsala is just a fancier name for Burgundy …. I guess it’s all in the marketing!

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One thought on “Marsala Color Story//Hello 2015!

  1. Aha, i realized only now that Marsala is a derivative of Masala/Indian for Spice… Nice picks 👍 Gotta go shopping!

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