Fur coat dilemma

Fur coat dilemma



Image [Outfit Details: Headband: J.Crew; Fur Coat: Vintage (in the family); Scarf: Gap; Jeans: Forever 21; Boots: L.L. Bean; Gloves: Isotoner]

On days so frozen that you literally can’t feel your feet, you deserve a pick me up. You do! Believe it. In some cases that may mean wearing something a little funky or unexpected. Enter this coat that was passed down to me, but I’ve had the hardest time trying to figure out when to wear it. You would think living and working in NYC I would be liberated and ready to don this pretty, but it’s only remained an occasional piece, until this afternoon.

For some reason when paired with some lighthearted pieces like this woven headband, and classic winter boots, it felt carefree and fresh to me. It also was warm, which was obviously top of mind.

Anyone else out there having a similar fur coat dilemma? I’d love to hear any pairings that have worked for you!


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