Faire Isle Sweater

Faire Isle Sweater




Image[Outfit Details: Turtleneck: Target; Sweater: Old Navy; Jeans: Madewell; Socks & Hat: Target; Boots: Hunter; Coat: J.Crew]

You know that secret thrill you get from wearing really adorable underthings, or fuzzy socks? That’s how I felt wearing this striped turtleneck underneath this faire isle number. Both things are from high school or college days (fast fashion investment pieces, what?) and have been lingering in my closet asking me to bring them out once again.

Obviously layering is key for the cold temperatures – I stick with thin layers, like tights/leggings underneath fitted pants, and high socks on top. When I can, I like to avoid bulky layers that leave you walking the streets looking like a female marshmallow.

What little fashion thrills are getting you all through the week and keeping you cozy?


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