Wear to work

Wear to work




[Outfit Details: Button down: J.Crew; Skirt: Banana Republic; Cardigan: J.Crew; Tights: Target; Shoes: Ralph Lauren]

Oh Monday morning, we are not friends. Or in these picture’s case, Thursday morning after a loooong holiday. I can barely pull myself together and out the door in time sometimes, so often looking the part is difficult. There’s not anything novel about this outfit- it’s simple and it works for me. Not only does it employ layers (essential for freezing offices and wheezing furnaces) but it uses different textures which you can claim took a lot of thought to put together (tweeds, suedes, etc.) but doesn’t.

Other trusty recipes for weekday success include:

knit sweater + statement necklace + fitted pants + smoking slippers

shift dress + blazer + textured tights + boots

What do you all fall back on for those trusty work outfits?? Tell me, tell me! Bookmark this post and let me know how your Monday goes please.


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