To the new year

To the new year

ImageHappy New Year’s Eve! This day always brings a deluge of emotions: thoughts that another year has sailed by without me taking full advantage, and the remaining note of me living another year older. Then there’s always the thoughts of time with family and friends, party dresses, festive munchies and drinks, and so I usually middle out in a contented close to the year.

All that to say, I’m grateful for the closing year (looking at you 2013) even though it held it’s share of sorrows, challenges, and frustrations. I also hold close so many amazing memories of trips taken with friends, achievements I never thought possible, and quiet blessings that remind me I’m not alone in my life.

I have hopeful expectations for 2014, as I hope you all do. Half the joy of living is being open to what’s to come, right? Wishing you all a blessing filled and memorable start to this year, and thanks for going on this Steeped in Style ride with me!


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