A week in review (fill your heart)

A week in review (fill your heart)

Sometimes life gets hard. I think we all know, and feel that from time to time. I like to remember though, that without the variation and distinct highs and lows of life, we’d lose the appreciation and joy that comes from those solitary moments that leave us with a full and joyful heart. Take some time this weekend, or whenever you can, to remember those moments of full joy if you’re searching for the next, or find peace and gratitude with where you are if you count yourself blessed.

Here are a few articles, posts, and links that have brought me a smile or made me think this week:

A little video that will make all my fellow subway riders smile (and remember the other people riding the train every day like you are).

A reminder to let your soul grow, from a talented and practiced writer.

Be grateful for where you are, despite the challenges along the way (Taylor wrote a great personal post on this!)


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