the space between

the space between

I hate to say it, but we have now reached the point where winter sweaters seem dull, itchy, and overdone. To make matters worse, the store windows are already showcasing bright blouses, colored jeans, and ballet flats in candy colors. Sadly, the winter weather stretches on and on, and the calendar perpetually marks January, February …. you get the picture!

What we need is a way to stay current, fresh, and inspired in those in-between weeks (though it may feel like months) baring us from spring.

Here are a few of my recent attempts on this seasonally perpetual dilemma:

photo(2) copy 3

1. Mix mint (or any other pastel would work) and gray for a look that only hints at springy pastels, but stays grounded with the winter neutrals (gray, browns).


2. For a casual office approach, swap tailored shorts and tights for the usual black pants (only attempt if over 30 degrees out) with a complementary blazer.


3. Layer a collared shirt with a loose fitting tunic for a fresh (but not trying too hard) feel – remember to pick patterns including colors in the same family though! In this case I chose blue on blue.


4. Lastly, jazz up a simple look with a statement piece of jewelry/matching top with a simple bottom.

In the face of adversity we must rise to the (fashion) challenge. Am I right, or am I right? And someone please, let me know when spring finally arrives.


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