In Lieu of Nemo

In Lieu of Nemo

As I type this the outside world is waking up to a world tucked under a blanket of snow. I’m sorta loving it. I know the practical response now is, “when can I get outside?” and “what am I going to wear.”

I can’t answer the first question, but with some help from our street style friends, I can certainly answer the second.

 photo streetstyle8529-web_zpsd8ce79d6.jpg  photo streetstyle8536-web_zpsf1ff56fd.jpg

Post image for Get The Look: Elizabeth Olsen’s Winter Denim Style

Major talking points: layer everything you got: sweater, blazer, fur/outerwear (in whatever order you choose), knit scarf or fur collar, sunnies, knit hat or fedora, fitted pants (preferably with room for long underwear?) and black boots.

Stay warm, and stay stylish this weekend! xx


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