Building your Wardrobe, Spring Edition

Building your Wardrobe, Spring Edition

Hi all, sorry for the hiatus. Today I’m going to walk you through some ‘wardrobe planning’ techniques. So this sounds semi-serious and maybe imposing, but the reality is a little planning can go a long way in terms of our wardrobes.

The technique I’ll share today is super simple. You probably already do part A, without realizing it. All you need is the follow through, part B. Basically, while looking through magazines, blogs, or around you (street style inspo, your best friends, etc.) – identify what draws you to that look, and think of pieces you already own, or should add to your wish list to achieve it.

Here are a few of my current love’s for Spring via my Pinterest board:

French Voguettes

Okay so this is actually a look I love year-round, but I’m especially hopped up on lace-ups for this season. The rest is simple: striped shirt, slim black pants, and you’re effortless chic!

Printed pants

Another effortless look, with a more boho vibe – I am also seriously crushing on printed pants (slim fit, or more pajama like) for a relaxed, cool girl effect.

Pink and red


Flowing separates- loose fitting on the top, and a-line or maxi with slits on the bottom. My feet are literally dying to accompany this look in open toed shoes … my nail polishes are dying to be seen …

So there you have it. Building blocks, friends. Remember to have an open mind when you see a look that captures you. Don’t close yourself off to something you hadn’t considered before. Developing your wardrobe, or trying a new look doesn’t have to be hard, and shouldn’t be mandated only by what’s trendy. Remember that your style is about you.

Here’s to a bright spring, steeped in your own style.


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