Weekend sojourns (#SIStakesatrip)

Weekend sojourns (#SIStakesatrip)


photo(1) photo(2)[Photo Credit to Leanne, and my Iphone]

A few weekends ago I went up to Boston to visit one of my best girlfriends who moved away from the tri-state area. (le sigh) The only positive thing about friends across the country is the potential for road trips/weekend trips/new cities to traipse around. Clearly, I veer on the side of optimism.

Besides lots of best friend giggling, deliciously indulgent meals, and walking around the city, these are some of the most appreciated things I packed for the weekend:

1. A daytime dress that doesn’t wrinkle/can easily transition into a beach cover-up

2. A sun-smart hat that also is adorable (read through my waxing adoration here)

3. Flat sandals that will go with everything

4. Tee shirt and loose pant combo that will forgive you for all the pasta you ate the previous night …

5. A carry-all bag that you can store a clutch in for your nighttime rendezvous


It seems like every weekend I’m traveling, but still perfecting the art of streamlined packing. Have any tips or methods you’d like to share? Comment away below!

Keep your eye out for more #SIStakesatrip content in the weeks ahead. XO



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