Here we go again (Summer bring it)

Here we go again (Summer bring it)




[The Details: Jacket: Gap, Dress: Random, Converse]

Excuse my absence – I’ve been out living my summer life, going to concerts, down South for a quick vacation and just generally being busy and refreshed. Above is a realistic compilation of all things I’ve been into recently. It’s so easy to keep things simple with a clean white dress, white sneakers and some denim.

It’s pretty brainless, but I think it works (especially on those days where you have like 20 minutes to get dressed before your daily adventures begin).

Style Tip: I’m not a fan of wedge sneakers, but I can really get behind a pair of Keds, Converse, or Supergas with a summery dress. Give your sandals a rest and kick on your trainers for a playful look.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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