Denim that gives back (Madewell x Blue Jeans Go Green)

Denim that gives back (Madewell x Blue Jeans Go Green)


Dear Denim Lovers (yes it deserves an upper case “D”),

Wanted to share a quick note on a super thoughtful and beneficial program that Madewell is offering through October 6th. Right now if you bring in a pair of old jeans (they don’t even have to be Madewell brand), you’ll receive $20 off your purchase of a new pair on the spot.

This clearly accomplishes two things that you should care about:

1. If you haven’t cleaned out your closet yet (for shame) this gives you a valid reason to retire an old pair and rebuild your wardrobe with something fresh and fitting, mostly because Madewell jeans are awesome.

2. More importantly your old denim will be donated to Blue Jeans Go Green, which creates insulation for new homes being built for those in need.

Please participate if you’ve been wanting to rebulk up your denim wardrobe. I bought this pair earlier, and it feels so good to make some good with a simple pair of jeans. Find out more about the Madewell offer, and  Blue Jeans Go Green, and let me know what pair you end up with.


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