A weeks worth of #OOTDs

A weeks worth of #OOTDs

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photo 3  photo 2

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[Outfit Details: it seems like my entire wardrobe … ]

I know I’ve been slacking entirely for the past two months on outfit posts.

I know this is supposed to be a style blog.

So to make it up, I’ve been taking every present moment (alone) in my office elevator to document my outfits. Yes I know this is slightly embarrassing, but that’s basically the life of a blogger, so time to OWN IT.

Highlights include: the start of layering season (!!), debut of the Superga sneakers (on Steeped on style at least), and me carrying an array of personal items.

Hope you enjoy this casual approach – I’ll be back to regular outfit posts soon! XX


3 thoughts on “A weeks worth of #OOTDs

  1. I think this is one of my favorite posts ever! This is what we- the common people- need to see! Day by day, real life style! Love it grace, i think this should be a semi-regular feature.

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