The little vest that could

The little vest that could





Image[Outfit Details: Top: J.Crew; Vest: J.Crew Factory; Jeans: F21; Flats: Urban Outfitters; Trench: London Fog; Scarf: Random (Market find!)]

I would never have thought that this little denim vest would find its’ way into my closet, but needless to say it did, and I’m in love. Despite my initial ambivalence and approval seeking (ask my best friend … ) I’ve come to terms that this is yet another denim piece that I’ll reach for time and time again.

Obviously it’s great for layering in the breezy, yet sunny, spring. I wore it 2 out of 2 days this weekend (read: the whole time). If you’re concerned about the ‘I-may-not-be-cool-enough-to-wear-this’ fear, believe me you are. This is a trend yes, but it’s also a classic American look that’s timeless.

A few tips (if you’re considering being in the “vest acquiring’ camp)–

Look for a slightly shrunken style. You’d don’t to be overtaken by this garment; consider it the sprinkles on the cake, not the icing (if that’s a applicable metaphor) …

Choose a wash that fits your wardrobe. I like a lighter wash since the majority of my denim bottoms are medium to darker. Obviously there’s more to wear than just double denim, but remember your overall aesthetic when choosing a piece.

Have I converted any of you yet? You’ll be seeing this one again …. so stay tuned! xo


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