Jumpsuit (Winter edition)

Jumpsuit (Winter edition)




Image [Outfit Details: Jumpsuit: Target (old); Sweater: TJ Maxx; T-shirt: Target; Heels: Franco Sart0; Necklace: Bauble Bar]

You know what they say about jumpsuits … once you have one, you’ll be forever loyal. Okay, so no one really says that but sometimes actions speak volumes over phraseology. Obviously jumpsuits, rompers, etc. were huge this summer and fall, and the look is not slinking away while the S/S ’14 looks parade in.

If you’re not on the bandwagon yet, this is your moment. Let’s be honest, does it even look like I’m wearing a jumpsuit? For those of you who would never consider a jumpsuit hear me on this one: no, no! With essential winter layers, you can transition this piece into your wardrobe without being too blatant about it. If you’re on the fence about trying this look out, consider the following.

Jumpsuits provide:

Ease of dressing – you know that dress you throw on when you have little-to-no-time to get ready in the morning? Consider a jumpsuit for those situations, but the equivalent of what your cooler friends/cousin/co-worker would throw on.

Universally flattering – it doesn’t matter if you’re curvy, straight and tall, thin, or full-figured, the jumpsuit will forgive, forgive, forgive! Most pieces have a draped front, tie-waist, and hit at a flattering point on the female figure. Add to that the slim cut pants, and I ensure you’ll look amazing.

Layering potential – Cost-per-way gold mine my friends. If you’re into a pieces’ longevity listen up. In summer you can wear this piece as is, while in the fall/winter/spring, layer with knit  sweaters, jackets, blazers, etc. If you want to play up the silky bottoms, cuff your jumpsuit and add a killer pair of heels, for a brand new look.

Hopefully some of that rant hit some readers out there. What do you all think about the jumpsuit for winter? Share away!


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