A shirt of possibilities (part II)

A shirt of possibilities (part II)




Image[Outfit Details: Sweater: Gap; Denim shirt: Banana Republic; Waxed pants: Madewell; Loafers: Dolce Vita]

Here we are again my friends, talking about those pieces that really go the distance in the outfit-making department. Last time we talked about the denim shirt and the multiple ways I find to wear it (and hopefully inspire you to do the same), and today we’ll continue on that trend.

This outfit stemmed from a place of seeking warmth and deliciously baggy layers of clothing. Oh, also I got these amazing waxed jeans and have been wanting to wear them practically every day since then. Pairing a denim shirt underneath any type of sweater can give a little interest factor to any basic navy, black, or gray variation. I also love wearing a Canadian tuxedo (denim on the top and bottom) with a dark and light denim item.

So how are you all wearing your denim shirts? Are you convinced of their outfit potential yet? Let me know!


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