Dressed for thanks (Part 1)

Dressed for thanks (Part 1)

Thanksgiving Baking

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already considered countless outfits for your Thanksgivings festivities. When the calendar turns to November, my heads starts to fill with festive combinations I’ve been wanting to put on. In honor of this anticipatory game I play, I’m going to share a few looks  over the next week for a multitude of Thanksgiving occasions.

Today we’re going to talk about what to wear while cooking/baking/prepping for your Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a few tips to stay chic, clean, and comfortable while working (cause that turkey won’t cook itself!)

  1. Roll up your sleeves. Stick with a blouse that allows you to push or fold the sleeves on. You want to ensure that you’ll be able to really dig into whatever creative dish, or decor you’re working on.
  2. Keep comfortable. Choose jeans that are easy to move in and will let you breath. Nothings worse that wearing too-tight pants when you actually have to be a million places at once.
  3. Stay focused. Keep your hair out of your eyes, and the food, with style. Try a beaded headband or stick with a classic pony or bun.
  4. Be grounded. This isn’t the time to break in your new party pumps. Wear shoes that are close-toed, and have good support for those long hours on your feet.

I hope these tips and ideas inspire your own look for holiday prep! Let me know what you’ll be wearing before turkey day … and what you’ll be cooking. I’ll be bringing these.


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