Fall (in love)

Fall (in love)



(DIY – I promise it’s easy)



(More on these new pretties soon … )



There’s something about the change in season that always stirs up a desire to nest in me. Honestly, I’m never more content than relaxing in my apartment once I’ve decidedly spruced it up for the fall months to come. With candy corn filling jars (seriously that stuff is sugar’s form of crack), and pumpkins donning every surface, I feel that I can say I’m adequately celebrating the season.

For a little DIY that is inspired by nature’s final sense of warmth, take decorative items that may have seen better days and give them a gilded coating. With a bottle of gold spray paint (you could try out various metallic tones) I chose to coat a wooden tray, a spar Mason jar, and some votive candle glasses. The result is both pretty and immediate. I’m still thinking about how to use the remaining 1/4 of my spray can I will add, but I guess I have November to think about that. Hope everyone’s having a inspired and creative week! One final thought to leave you with:

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

– Jim Bishop


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