Eat, Wear, Do, Edition II

Eat, Wear, Do, Edition II

Wear: I’ve had various conversations with girlfriends about the quintessential leather tote bag. You know the one that you’re always looking for, and can never seem to find? Well it appears that Baggu has the answer. BEAUTIFUL, leather, totes (and other accessories) in a range of colors. I’m kinda needing the coral, or perhaps the black?

 photo gazpacho16_zps00dd2146.png

 photo gazpacho19_zps4f29f87c.png

Eat: Imagine a dish with fresh tomatoes, lime juice, and topped with avocados. The perfect summer dish, you can make in 20 minutes, and doesn’t require any cooking is gazpacho! My favorite lifestyle video channel, LEAF, made a lovely visual recipe log to take you through the process …. eating not included.


Magdalena Frackowiak

Do: Become a J.Crew girl. I’m not ashamed to say that this is actually an aspiration of mine. Follow these instructions to achieve the laid-back, cool-girl hair that appears each season and still stays enviable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition! I’d love to hear your feedback on which feature you’ll try out.


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