New Feature: Eat, Wear, Do

New Feature: Eat, Wear, Do

I’m excited to kick off a new feature series today on Steeped in Style.

When I find something amazing, I usually want to share it – hey, having a blog is perfect for this tendency right? Look out for upcoming things that I’m dying to eat, wear, or do (or I might be actually eating, wearing or doing them as you read … ) I can be quite decisive when it comes to something I want.

Eat: Who doesn’t crave a refreshing popsicle in the heat of summer? Anna Jane, of See Jane, shared a simple recipe that seems just as much fun to make as to eat. First step for me is buying some popsicle molds!

 Wear: Karen Walker Resort 2014, doing all things good by me. The small details, like the frayed edges on tweed pieces, and the short suit in gingham, kill me. You can see the whole collection at

Do: I stumbled across this amazing relational experiment and couldn’t stop reading. 40 Days of Dating is a project following two friends who decided to exclusively date each other for 40 days, while documenting and sharing their whole experience. They’re on day 11 and I’m hooked! You can follow their story here.

Hope you all enjoy this new feature as much as I do, xo.


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