The top of the world (or building)

The top of the world (or building)







[The Details: Jumpsuit: Target (surprised?), Jewelry: F21, J.Crew Factory, vintage; Sandals: Kenneth Cole: Nail: Essie Clambake]

I’ve always had an affinity for rooftops – you can ask my parents, who had the pleasure of accepting my apology for spending stolen afternoons on my childhood house roof during my “rest hour.” The point being, I love being up high, and feeling the breeze, sun, and taking in gorgeous views.

Now getting down to the fashion business, jumpsuits are where it’s at. I have been fully converted to the full jumpsuit, or romper short situation – they’re so easy to wear, super comfortable, and can be dressed up with accessories based on the occasion at hand. While it’s sticky and hot in New York, I can appear to be pulled together and stay (relatively) cool. The only, and I mean only, downside, is that is takes a little more planning when you need to visit the ladies room ….

What do you all think – anyone else out there a fan of rompers/jumpsuits? Let’s discuss.

(All photos taken by Melanie)

2 thoughts on “The top of the world (or building)


    Congrats on killer photo quality and for enlisting Mel’s help! Mel the pictures are fabulous!

    You look so happy and great in these pics! What I want to know is the story behind the journey upstairs to the rooftop!
    Thanks for you fashion inspiration gracie. I don’t think I’ll ever do a jumpsuit but I do think I want to explore both Forever21 and JCrew Factory outlet for inexpensive jewelry!

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