Positive Focus

Positive Focus

It’s like 10 degrees in New York. Here’s what’s keeping me sane:


[A memory board turned into art canvas that makes me happy (read- anything Paris makes me happy)]


[L.L. Bean Boots for the pending snow storms (they arrived just in time)]


[A new tray to hold essential candles and other goodies on my coffee table]


[Tea and homemade biscotti for a Downton Abbey viewing party with some girlfriends this past weekend]


[DIY (done with my mama) using extra cups and saucers to hold special baubles and jewels in a dresser drawer]

I’m looking at an unpredictable rest of the month, so it’s the little things once again that are pulling me through and giving me the occasional moment of calm.

Hope you’re all finding a source of joy this week – let me know if there is any content you’d like to see specifically on the blog in the future!


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