A bright spot

A bright spot


[Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2013]

[Via the Color Collective]

We all get stuck in a fashion rut at times, wearing the same tired outfits over and over. For me, one of my biggest sources of inspiration come from unconventional color combinations – I looove color. How good is the blue/periwinkle and burgundy together for winter? I mean seriously.

An easy way to switch up your perspective is to look for colors (together) that draw you in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a fashion specific setting, just anything that catches your eye and makes you happy. Colors are meant to be mixed and played with, and by seeing what looks good, you can incorporate those combinations within your own wardrobe.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share my love for style, and hopefully inspire others to define, and enjoy their own personal look. I hope this take on how I view and use color will do just that for you all!

What color combinations are you dying to try, do share!


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