Style equation

Style Math 1
There are certain outfits whose uniqueness stems from the different items that together create something really special. Something that just works. I’ll be featuring a new series here on Steeped in Style called Style Equations that breaks down how to pair certain elements for a great look.

First up, is an outfit that I wore that sparked the idea for this whole feature. I’ve spoken before about my love for a solid jumpsuit, so this look centers around that. Fall is a great time to work with different layers and proportions, it’s one of those times where unusual seeming outfits work.

Start with your jumpsuit. A few great ones are above (if you still need to add one to your collection); then top with a long coatagin (coat + cardigan combo), which makes the whole thing casual and elegant. Finally, finish the look off with a great heeled lace up or ankle strap shoe. This really elevates the entire things, especially if your jumpsuit is slightly cropped with an exposed ankle.
Do it, flash some leg.

Hope you all enjoy this first style equation, let me know if you take this look for a spin.

Hey girl

White on White | Sleeveless Trench Vest: 22 ways to wear this in-between season staple:

Black Leggings, Tall Boots, a Turtleneck, and a Duster Vest:

Get a Fashionable Wardrobe by September—Without Spending a Ton

Plaid is this years trend at any age. For winter 2014-15: It seems to me that this fall warrants a slight wardrobe update. Not an entire overhaul of what I have, but the addition of a few functional and stylish pieces. As I simultaneously clean out my closet, and aim to be very choosy about the things I buy, sometimes you just have that certain feeling about a style of clothing that’s made for you.

This whole sleeveless trench/duster thing has caught my attention for a while. It’s the type of piece you can wear now with your end-of-summer dresses, and later with a thick cardigan and jeans. And it’s definitely a “hey girl, hey” piece, sure to turn eyes whenever you wear one.

A few of my favorites are here, here, and here.

Beauty Counter Spotlight//Lipstick Queen

 There’s no feeling quite like the joy that comes from a new lipstick. None the less one that claims to match the pH of your individual lips, giving a custom yours-only shade.

I’ve had mine for about a month, and keep reaching for it for a bevy of occasions. The selling points? It goes on like a moisturizing chapstick, but with a rich color that stays. Looking for a fun activity? Test out the shade with a girlfriend and see the range of color that ensues.

Buy it here.

Pom poms galore

[Outfit Details: Dress: J.Crew; Hat: Banana Republic; Shoes: Joe’s Jeans]

I would consider my style mostly classic, aside for my fondness for certain fabrics and patterns. Embroidery, and playful pom poms are like the rainbow sprinkles that I can’t resist adding to my soft-serve cone.

I wore this outfit to an outdoor concert and firework display, one of my favorite nights so far this summer.

Here are a few similar items available right now (Most are on sale too!): 1, 2, 3, and the J.Crew Factory dress and top version of what I’m wearing.

Morning after (Immunity Boosting Tea)


So right now you’ve probably lived through a potentially wild and probably sleepless weekend, and could use a little pick-me-up, post the 4th. And sometimes an extra shot of espresso doesn’t cut it.

Try this homeopathetic and earthy tea that will give you the restorative kick you need.

Start with: 

– 2 slices of peeled ginger

– A few sprigs of fresh sage

– Honey to taste

– Juice of a lemon (Half to a whole)

Combine above ingredient in a large measuring cup. Bring cool water to boil, and steep ingredients for 30 minutes to get full flavor. This tea is best served warm shortly after you brew. Enjoy and be well!

Cape Girl





[Outfit Details: Shirt: Ralph Lauren; Pants: Ann Taylor; Loafers: Ann Klein (thanks for the inspo, Mom!); Bag: gifted from my Grandma]

My vacation look while in Cape Cod (ahem, yes another vacation), was a little bit borrowed from my familial roots as well as a homage to the local New England spirit.

Where else can you wear obnoxiously loud plaid oxfords, and feel completely unironic, especially with a two-toned loafer? I rest my case. I also took style inspiration from my Grandma, who is the picture of class, and brought along her straw bag.

More photos from my trip to the Boston and Cape Cod area coming up in a hot minute.

#SIStakesatrip (California dreamin’)

FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(4) FullSizeRender(5) FullSizeRender(6) FullSizeRender(7) FullSizeRender(8)


Even though I do quite a bit of travel, summer always seems the most appropriate time for a photo recap. I went to SoCal for a week with one of my best girlfriends, and WOW was it a restorative trip. The beauty of the San Diego area is breathtaking and raw, and captivated me for the whole time I was there.

People are friendly, and real, and dare I say, happy? My semi-hardened part-time New Yorker self had some moments of personal clarity, that were well worth the price of the plane ticket (if not more). Also a tiny sparrow ate off my breakfast plate one morning; if that’s not communing with nature and disseminating good energy, I’m not sure what is.

Some highlights included a day trip to Coronado Island, the Encinitas Meditation Garden, and Mexican food available literally everywhere.

Vacation wardrobe staples included: lots of raffia and straw, denim cut offs, button-down shirts as coverups, and lemon and salt spritzed hair.

Stay tuned for more travel recaps, recipes, and style posts, and as always, thanks for visiting my little corner of the web.



The revolving door of life has given me a brief reprieve, and here I am again with another weekend post. Today I’m sharing some articles, recipes, and re-blogs from around the internet. These are some things that I’ve bookmarked, tested in the kitchen, and felt my heart beat to. I hope one of these resonates in the place you find yourself today.

For your body:

Cacio E Pepe.

Acai bowl.

Mealtime company.

For your soul:

Letting go.

For those who have lost someone.

How to self-sabotage.

Navy Pier




FullSizeRender[Outfit Details: Blouse: J.Crew; Shorts: J.Crew; Hat: Banana Republic; Bag: Fossil; Sandals: Madewell]

If I could insert all the sun/sand/lobster roll emojis in this plain text environment, I WOULD. This weekend was finally spring-like, with strong summer undertones. I was not complaining.

I spent the majority of time outside, and didn’t want to spend too long worrying in the shadows of my closet. Easy dressing was key. I’ve spoken fondly of my kinship with monochromatic dressing and navy, so it was only a matter of time until the two were married here on Steeped in Style.

Both the top and bottoms are from J.Crew and are super relaxed (either blousey, or elastic banded) which works well for a low-key vibe. The sandals and hat are two new additions this season, both will appear in many more posts I’m sure.

Again, shout out to Banana Republic for having L/XL size hats, for those with big brains like myself.

Now, who’s ready for another blissful weekend? What will you be wearing?