Ode to the oversized white shirt

3cd2fe2ec23479a7f84799bdfc171367 accent-clutches-01 ccfe5bbea8ca319e47106131ffaa05daMore than ever, I’m finding simple dressing to be a thing of beauty. When you get through all the clutter of trend-heavy magazine and blog pages, there are few items that stand the test of time.

The white Oxford is one of those. I prefer mine slightly over sized, but still lean; long enough to tuck a tail in, or not. I’ve been hitting the jackpot over in the Gap Men’s department over the last year, because those seem to best fit my longer frame. Sidenote: it seems like there is always a 30% off sale at Gap, including now.

Is this a look that you all feel as much unabashed love for as I do? Sharing is caring. Comment below!

Dry Brushing//Smooth away the winter


[Image via Free People]

Confession: I haven’t been the most loyal to the organism that covers 100% of my body. Although I’ve paid attention to facial skin care, sometimes the rest of my body gets the door shut on its’ face (so to speak). The winter hasn’t been the kindest, and my legs and arms are now dull with some of those unsightly bumps. Overall, not entirely ready to see the light of spring. What’s a girl to do?

Dry brushing is a self-care technique that is easy to incorporate into your daily routine and pays off in a big way. Before you step into the shower, gently brush your appendages, and trunk from  bottom to top in a large circular stroke. I work on legs, arms, and then my stomach and back, all in the direction of that heart as that engages the lymphatic system. Ladies, avoid the skin directly on your breasts, or any other compromised areas as they can be super sensation. You can spend a little extra time on your elbows, knees, and any cellulite or stretch marks.

Besides undeniably softer and smoother skin, dry brushing can also increase circulation (perfect for those 8 AM Monday conference calls!), engage your lymphatic system thus promoting the removal of toxins in your body, unclogs pores, and softens fatty deposits that can smooth out cellulite.

The practice of dry brushing feels indulgent and energizing, especially as your start your day. I have been using this brush, and try to brush for a least 3-5 minutes a day.

I would strongly encourage you all to try out this technique- believe me, your skin will thank you.

Chloe S/S 2015

MARC0451 MARC0031 MARC0255 MARC0363

MARC0045 MARC0503

If I was reincarnated as a Spring 2015 collection, Chloé would be it.

Creative Director, Claire Waight Keller said “The starting point was fabrics that tell stories, particularly ‘folkloric’ textiles like the encrusted birds in cheesecloth, but I wanted honest, direct shapes … I wanted that one amazing shape that just hung off thin spaghetti straps.”

Well done.

Blogging Update//Life in progress


Hello my dear readers. Life has thrown a bit of a curve ball with a product launch at work, and Steeped in Style has been suffering. What doesn’t help either is the continuous snow/slush/rain that makes outfit photos difficult. Enough with the sad trumpets though!

I promise, things will be back to their regular two or three posts a week shortly. In the mean time, I thought I’d give a bit of a Shopping Cleanse update. For those of you who don’t know, I did a little soul searching and decided to halt on the clothes shopping for a month and a half. Let me tell you, it was great to have a friend or two join in the pledge, because it was an uphill battle. But we made it, and this is a practice I aim to do more regularly. It felt good to use the things I have, and save my money for other financial goals.

Practice takes intentionally even in a time of plenty though. My first post-cleanse purchase arrived today, and I found myself attempting to keep two items that were not a worthy fit to my wardrobe. Sometimes we just want more to want more, which is a ugly truth that I want to battle. It took a second opinion from a friend to convince me to return the items.

I always preach adding things to your closet that make you look great and add value to the items you already own. Sometimes you need to do a little self-preaching though, and that’s what went down today.

Thanks for letting me share; seep on the lookout for more Beauty Counter Spotlights and some other style posts in the works. As always, if you have a topic you’d like to see covered, share below in the comment box.

Beauty Counter Spotlight//Luminizer

Touch eclat

Some girls seem to have a perpetual internal glow, regardless of stress, hours of sleep, or weather. How do they do it? I’ll come out and admit that I’m not one of those girls naturally, but I’ve found a solution by the fabulous Yves Saint Laurent.

Enter Touche Eclat. This rockstar little pen, brightens, highlights, and hides (!!) any areas that show fatigue. With a few dots, your skin will glow. I typically do three dots underneath each eye, and around the sides of my nose.

This product is an investment, but will not let you down, that I promise you. If you’re going for a low maintenance look (BB cream, mascara) this is the perfect cherry on top.

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Take care: A few health changes


There is a natural tendency to push ones self until the brink of exhaustion. The shuffle and expectations of this world naturally wear us down. If one life facet slows, another quickens. Maybe it’s work deadlines, or a stressful family relationship, or a imposing decision on the horizon. Whatever excuse we tell ourselves is always replaced with another. I don’t want to bore you all with the personal details, because this phenomenon isn’t about me. It’s about all of us. And despite the fact that our lives will probably continue to escalate, there are things we can do.

I’ve recently been really encouraged by getting back to simple, simple truths. A phrase that you can digest in one breath, but can echo in your head for a while because of it’s profoundness. I like the idea of having a few mantras, or statements that I can whisper as a prayer. A meditation point throughout the day.

Be gentle to yourself. Listen to the rhythms of your body, and tend to the moments that are out of sync. Change. Do something.

“So what?” you may ask. These words may mean something, but how else can I nurture myself?

If you want action items, this book greatly encouraged me. The New Health Rules is a rulebook for wellness choices that will seem small, but will ripple effect into your whole being. Whole health topics from eating to emotions are covered, with beautiful accompanying photos. I like to read a few pages before bed.

A few more open ended suggestions:

Practice a few yoga sun salutations or hip openers in the morning or night.

Take a bath with Epsom salts.

Drink the juice of a whole lemon in warm water each morning to cleanse your digestive track.

Diffuse some essential oils to energize or unwind throughout the day.

Record what you’re grateful for. Trust me, it will help center your thoughts on the positive.

It all comes down to what you need, and what you can give back to yourself. A change can be as simple as a mental decision to act differently. What that looks like depends on you. Hope this post has encouraged you all.

Style Insight: Belted Scarves






[Images via here]

Sometimes your closet gets boring. We get it. No matter how organized, curated, and color coded your clothing may or may not be, some days lack total outfit inspiration. Don’t fear though, that’s where a little dose of creativity comes into play.

Enter the belted scarf look. You may have seen this look on other blogs, or Pinterest boards, but it wasn’t until this week that I really became a believer.

First of all, this is a cozy and warm look. You’re basically wearing a blanket, but also retaining some of your feminine curves via the help of a belted waist.

Start with a fitted base. It could be a flowy dress (Hello Olivia P!), turtleneck, or even a more loose fitting top with a tailored bottom. Don’t limit yourself. Dress in what feels comfortable to you.

Choose dramatically. This look doesn’t work with a thin, or short scarf. Think large! Look for something that is at least two thirds the length of your longest layer. Ideally there won’t be too much bulk around the shoulder or waist area, we want this to look long and graceful. Stick with a color palate that compliments your base layer, and don’t fear patterns.

Cinch it. Finish it off with a complementary belt.

I’ll going to be heavily rotating this idea, especially since I’m on a shopping cleanse until March.

Are any of you game to try out this look? Leave me a comment and share a thought or two.

Beauty counter spotlight//Facial mists


A facial mist is a bit of a luxury item. Spritzing your face with scented mists cant feel a little first-world, but actually is as beneficial as enjoyable. The Evian Facial Spray and Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray are both useful for this winter season that leaves your skin dry and often crusty (gross but true) at the end of the work day. If you’re traveling on a red eye or long flight, these products are also great to refresh yourself with every few hours or so.

The Evian mist is a bit more fine, and covers your face in a more equal area. Use this guy for more serious skin issues. Bonus point: they also are sold in travel size at Sephora. The Mario Badescu option smells so delicious and rose gardenesque with a point and shoot nozzle … I’ve been using at the end of a long day, or first thing in the morning on my way out the door.

For overnight flights, I do the following:

1. Remove any heavy makeup, tone, and heavily moisturize before settling in for a little transatlantic snooze

2. Mist a few times during the flight (think bathroom breaks or after your in-flight movie)

3. If you’re feeling overly moisturized or oily after landing, start fresh with moisturizing cloth

Would you all try these mists? As a little incentive, Mario Badescu is offering up to 20% off online through today!

#SISTakesATrip (Miami!)





image9 image7 image6 image5 image4Outfit details: Dress: Gap Factory; Espadrilles: Splendid.

Oh the irony. As I’m pulling together this post, the greater NYC are is preparing for a 2-day, 3-foot snow storm. Just looking at these photos makes me want to escape again to the warm sand and sun that is Miami, Florida. I found that one of the best ways to deal with the misery-inducing bland month of January is to plan a trip. Somewhere new, where the temperature is higher than 60, and some sort of body of water is nearby. Perfection.

On this 3-day trip, we spent the majority of our time on the beaches (South Beach, and Key Biscayne) and dining al fresco.

Some highlights include dining in Coconut Grove (here & here), experiencing Cuban pastries, and the crystal blue water. You can’t deny how refreshing it is to jet away and displace yourself a bit. Check back on Steeped in Style this week for one of my new Beauty Counter Spotlights that got me through these and future flights.

Do you have any weekend trips planned? Hello, Presidents weekend is soon approaching!