Beauty Counter Spotlight

I’ve been wanting to share more beauty and skin care finds here on Steeped in Style — so here’s my first edition of the Beauty Counter Spotlight. This feature with focus on some of my new and old beauty favorites that have earned a place of honor on my actual (and sometimes metaphorical, because it can get crowded) bathroom counter.

First up: the perfect light gray nail polish: Cocktail bling by Essie. I’m shocked I have never tried this hue until a manicure I had last week. This color is calm enough for more professional office settings, but still offsetting because it isn’t your typical run of the mill polish. Color me sold, I have to own a bottle.

What type of product do you want to see featured in the beauty counter spotlight?

Posts of note

6e4d3b17f8afeb8c7d12cce335c7c1b6[Image via Pinterest]

It’s been a while since I’ve done a round up of interesting posts from around the web, but I’ve been quietly collecting some gems which I’m excited to share with you all below!

Churro bites. if anyone knows me they know that this is one of my FAVORITE street desserts, that is surprisingly hard to find.

Lovely LC’s home photos. She may be taking a bit of heat for having “basic” style but I’m loving the mood of her new home.

Lena finally has a book out and everyone is grabbing one. Her ideas on being proud of your own life and yourself are obviously making me want to join suit and get myself a copy.

A man’s take on boyfriend jeans.

Career tips from real women.

Jenna (we LOVE you!) shares how to roll the perfect sleeve.

The best of (Black boots)

Black boots

In the midst of closets organizing, and wardrobe planning, you sometimes stumble upon a rockstar item that hass been holed up in the back of your closet, or is somewhere out there in the retail universe that you need to bring home. I’m somewhere in the second camp, in regards to black booties.

While I gravitate more towards neutral browns, the power of a pair of boots can’t be denied. I’m leaning more towards a 1-inch heel height, but there are lots of options out there for wherever you forsee these little beauties taking you :)

Shop some of my favorites above, or let me know what you’ve seen about the interwebs yourselves.

Denim that gives back (Madewell x Blue Jeans Go Green)


Dear Denim Lovers (yes it deserves an upper case “D”),

Wanted to share a quick note on a super thoughtful and beneficial program that Madewell is offering through October 6th. Right now if you bring in a pair of old jeans (they don’t even have to be Madewell brand), you’ll receive $20 off your purchase of a new pair on the spot.

This clearly accomplishes two things that you should care about:

1. If you haven’t cleaned out your closet yet (for shame) this gives you a valid reason to retire an old pair and rebuild your wardrobe with something fresh and fitting, mostly because Madewell jeans are awesome.

2. More importantly your old denim will be donated to Blue Jeans Go Green, which creates insulation for new homes being built for those in need.

Please participate if you’ve been wanting to rebulk up your denim wardrobe. I bought this pair earlier, and it feels so good to make some good with a simple pair of jeans. Find out more about the Madewell offer, and  Blue Jeans Go Green, and let me know what pair you end up with.

Primal Neutrals









10[Outfit Details: Dress: Zara; Necklace: BaubleBar; Shoes: J.Crew]

I would never claim to be a print lover, but there is a small section of my closet completely dedicated to animal prints. I’m not sure what it is that draws me to the leopard, but sometimes you just go with your gut no?

This little dress from Zara is proving to be super functional – wearing it now with bare legs and flats or sandals, but in a few months (dear Jesus, let it be not weeks) I can see this with black tights and booties. Anything that works with both black and brown accessories is a winner in my book. Also shout out to J.Crew for the amazing Kiki flat, I have somehow acquired two pairs in the last month and am super impressed with the heel support and great leather. There are a ton of styles on J.Crew now over on sale as well.

What prints are a staple in your closet? Let me know in the comment box below.

A weeks worth of #OOTDs

photo 5  photo 4

photo 3  photo 2

photo   photo 1

[Outfit Details: it seems like my entire wardrobe ... ]

I know I’ve been slacking entirely for the past two months on outfit posts.

I know this is supposed to be a style blog.

So to make it up, I’ve been taking every present moment (alone) in my office elevator to document my outfits. Yes I know this is slightly embarrassing, but that’s basically the life of a blogger, so time to OWN IT.

Highlights include: the start of layering season (!!), debut of the Superga sneakers (on Steeped on style at least), and me carrying an array of personal items.

Hope you enjoy this casual approach – I’ll be back to regular outfit posts soon! XX

Step lightly into fall

Step lightly fall
With the new season comes the gaping hole in your wardrobe for wearable accents (once you do the annual closet switch, that is). This Fall, the pointy-toed flat is striking the right cord. With silk blouses, and loose trousers, these simple but striking picks will create a modern look from head to foot.

Which look is your favorite?

Charmed I’m sure (Jewelry picks)

Dogeared charm


I’ve been on a thin, barely-there, jewelry hunt as of late. Tiny gold chains, whisper light rings, and necklaces that hit that clavicle sweet spot. Dogeared has been on my radar for a few years, but only recently did I make my first purchases. Someone tell me, why did I wait that long?

They have an amazing selection of silver, rose, and yellow gold charm necklaces that you can purchases for their symbolism (friendship, true love, karma, etc) or charm. I haven’t taken my friendship necklace off since I took it out of the box.

What jewelry companies are you all finding/following/shopping from this season? I’d love to hear.

#SIStakesatrip (DC Edition)







[Outfit Details: Chambray shirt: Madewell; Skirt: Old Navy (super old), Sandals: Unlisted (super old); Belt: Gap]

My dear readers, here we go with another edition of #SIStakesatrip — this time I was in Washington D.C visiting a few dear friends and seeing my ultimate musical crush Billy Joel. He was perfection, don’t even get me started ….

Between the fabulous meals, and time on the Georgetown Waterfront I came back to NYC feeling restored and ready to start another work week here. (Note: D.C eludes a bit of southern influence so the pace was a bit slower which I can’t complain about).

We visited Rockland Farms which is this little gem of a farm with fresh lunches, wine tastings and gorgeous yards to wander through. You can visit their website here if you’re in the Maryland area.

Hope everyone is having a summer filled week, follow along with my adventures over on Instagram @gemilbourne — next up for this weekend Cape May!