#SIStakesatrip (DC Edition)







[Outfit Details: Chambray shirt: Madewell; Skirt: Old Navy (super old), Sandals: Unlisted (super old); Belt: Gap]

My dear readers, here we go with another edition of #SIStakesatrip — this time I was in Washington D.C visiting a few dear friends and seeing my ultimate musical crush Billy Joel. He was perfection, don’t even get me started ….

Between the fabulous meals, and time on the Georgetown Waterfront I came back to NYC feeling restored and ready to start another work week here. (Note: D.C eludes a bit of southern influence so the pace was a bit slower which I can’t complain about).

We visited Rockland Farms which is this little gem of a farm with fresh lunches, wine tastings and gorgeous yards to wander through. You can visit their website here if you’re in the Maryland area.

Hope everyone is having a summer filled week, follow along with my adventures over on Instagram @gemilbourne — next up for this weekend Cape May!


Ocean blue

blog 1 IMG_7506

blog 3[Outfit Details: Shirt: Vintage (from a trip to London), Linen Pants: J.Crew, Sandals: Loeffler Randall]

My little love summer keeps leading me to the brightest, most saturated outfits I can scrounge up from my closet. I don’t think anything looks better with a summer tan. This bright blue makes me so happy, and these linen pants were a recent snag with all the crazy J.Crew sales  of late (If you haven’t checked it out, I’d advise you leave this post post haste).

This looks feels a little playful, a whole lot of comfy, and mostly just me. Hopefully everyone is getting into that summer rhythm and savoring the days of (semi sweaty I’ll admit it) bare arms and sandals.

Fall, please stay away. XO, Steeped in style.

Weekend sojourns (#SIStakesatrip)


photo(1) photo(2)[Photo Credit to Leanne, and my Iphone]

A few weekends ago I went up to Boston to visit one of my best girlfriends who moved away from the tri-state area. (le sigh) The only positive thing about friends across the country is the potential for road trips/weekend trips/new cities to traipse around. Clearly, I veer on the side of optimism.

Besides lots of best friend giggling, deliciously indulgent meals, and walking around the city, these are some of the most appreciated things I packed for the weekend:

1. A daytime dress that doesn’t wrinkle/can easily transition into a beach cover-up

2. A sun-smart hat that also is adorable (read through my waxing adoration here)

3. Flat sandals that will go with everything

4. Tee shirt and loose pant combo that will forgive you for all the pasta you ate the previous night …

5. A carry-all bag that you can store a clutch in for your nighttime rendezvous


It seems like every weekend I’m traveling, but still perfecting the art of streamlined packing. Have any tips or methods you’d like to share? Comment away below!

Keep your eye out for more #SIStakesatrip content in the weeks ahead. XO


To the sea





Image[Outfit Details: Dress: Gap (super old, similar here, and here); Panama Hat: J.Crew; Sandals: Target]

Oh my love of the sand and sea. Any chance I get in the summer to get down to the ocean is one that I take without question. It’s so refreshing to just sit and let the stress and worry peel away with each roll of the ocean.

The look is clean, simple, and fancy-free. I like it, I’ll probably wear it again, and I make no apologies for that. I’ve literally been stalking every store in the NYC area for a summer hat that fits my head. Apparently I’m a L/XL, so I was happy to find something that fit the bill at my ever trusty, J.Crew. On another note, I find myself continually stocking up on summer sandals at Target–I literally told myself I would look for leather alternatives, but I fell victim once again to another pair that is so basic, sooo comfortable, and if it’s worn after a summer, I truly won’t care. I am forever a Target loyalist.

Hopefully you all have plans to unwind, and restore this weekend. It’s going to be a big one (4th, I’m looking at you!)

[Be on the lookout for some vacation specific content coming soon #SIStakesatrip]

another day, another dress (plus summer hair)






Image[Outfit Details: Dress: Gap Outlet; Vest: J.Crew; Sandals; Loeffler Randall; Sunglasses: Ray Ban]

PRAISE for another weekend. I’m ready to jet off for weekend travel plans, and this is nearly a perfect outfit to do so in. I feel pretty strongly about maxi dresses, and their whole ease-of-dressing appeal. Pair with a denim vest (lets be honest, in a few more weeks, I’ll be over layering due to some impending heat wave) and sandals, and, that’s it. You’re done. Get out the door already.

On another note, this braided tutorial was one of my go-to’s last summer and I’m not over it yet.

Repetitive Dressing




Image[Outfit Details: Dress: Gap Outlet; Shoe: Soludos; Sunglasses: Franco Sarto]

When an outfit is made of three key items you know it’s all good in my book.

A simple dress, lace-up shoes (my favorite, and here’s me waxing poetic about espadrilles) and a fresh pair of shades.

If you’re looking for a killer dress, here are some similar options from Madewell, and Asos.


Working for the weekend



[Outfit Details: Shorts: J.Crew; Top: J.Crew (Love these similar options -- 1, 2) ; Necklaces: F21 (1, 2); Sandals: Target (old); Bag: Made in London]

Oh, the blissful weekend. How we think, and dream about you all Monday-Friday. For me this translates into thinking of the ideal weekend outfit. Plotting, scheming, and dreaming.  In summer, I literally could wear embroidered tunics every day and be the happiest of girls. There is something so free, and cheerful about them– the essence I want to embody and exude. Throw on some classic shorts and a leather sandal and bag, and there’s my vibe.

I’ve never been one to layer necklaces but when shopping I instantly thought of these two pieces together, have to love places like F21 where the accessories aisle is so expansive that you have the capacity to always bulk up your jewelry collection.

So, what are you all up to (and wearing) this weekend?

New favorite dress

Image  Image

blog 3

blog 5

blog 6 [Outfit Details: Dress: Madewell; Belt: J.Crew (old, similar); Shoes: Madewell (similar)]

This dress. Love at first sight. One of those moments, where you turn the page of the look-book and you gasp. As if that item is a composite of all the unique details you crave (perforation, eyelet, white, slip dress, wow) Please tell me someone else out there has a similar reaction at times … I admit it’s a bit dramatic, but also rewarding when you find clothes that you feel that drawn to.

There’s something simple and so summer-esque about a white dress for this time of the year; especially when I know I’ll be wearing this number allll over this year.

How about you all? What outfit are you deeming worthy enough to be in your seasonal rotation for S/S ’14? Spill.

Summer shoe of choice

Summer shoe of choice
It’s the type of shoe that fits every idyllic summer moment. The early morning bike rides on the boards, sandy toes finding their way in as you walk up the beach steps. Perfect for the sundress, cut-offs, and a boyfriend’s over sized shirt.

In an effort to minimize purchases, and hone in on the items that support that simple life, consider the espadrille. It’s a classic for a reason.

Shop more of my favorites at Soludos.

Navy Head to Toe

blog 3

blog 5

blog 4

blog 2[True life: the wind does what it wants ... #bloggerhonesty]

blog 6[Outfit Details: Top: J.Crew; Vest: TJX; Skirt: J.Crew Factory; Belt: J.Crew; Shoes: Matisse via DSW; Earrings: Thrifted vintage]

Recently, I’ve been digging a monochromatic look. I also simultaneously realized the plethora of navy shirts in my closet. Apparently I have a good thing going? Not opposed to it, especially since I’m one to preach buying what you love and feel most yourself in.

On another note, I’m trying to savor these few transitional weeks we have (cough, spring is finally here, cough) with as much layering as possible. Time for vests, belts, and the final question, “how do things lay,” rather than our forthcoming “can I get away with wearing this to work, maintain a normal body temperature, and appear office aprops?”

What spring look do you all find yourselves gravitating towards? We only have a few more weeks to savor it friends; I’d love to hear your inclinations!